Introduction to Marijuana Nutrients

From start to finish, all plants must receive the right amount and kind of nutrients at the proper time. There are 2 main phases Cannabis plants go through and they vary in nutrients. The 3 basic elements the plant needs are nitrogen (N), phosphorous (P), and potassium (K). Basically, you can add as you please but these are the most basic and best nutrients to use growing marijuana. Plain and simple is ok. Also note that these nutrients will not become as beneficial if the sun, soil and water which are the other 3 prerequisites for Cannabis growing is not prepared and supplied properly.

Take note, when using Marijuana nutrients, it is crucial to keep using the same brand to avoid any sudden changes that might cause issues. Also, this will only be beneficial if the right amounts are fed to the plants as well, too little or too much or not in the proper time given has a big impact on the success rate of your growth. Marijuana plants prefer consistent and ample nutrients and will surely flourish if done properly and with love. What’re the best nutrients to use growing Marijuana?

Best Nutrients to Use in Growing Marijuana

Cannabis Nutrients for Different Cannabis Growth Stages

In the early development stages, the amount of nutrients adjusts to the growth of the Marijuana plant. During the vegetative stage, the plant requires more potassium and nitrogen as this helps build their physical structure. And on the flowering stage, less of the nitrogen will then be needed with an increase in potassium and comes in the adding of phosphorus.

To create new leaves and stems the Marijuana plant requires as much nitrogen and potassium it can absorb during vegetative growth and when blossoming starts they will now require nutrients to assist them in developing their buds and flowers which is phosphorus and the potassium.

Main Cannabis Nutrients and Proper pH Water Levels

Now, this is a very crucial factor that a lot of beginners overlook and causes a lot of issues. Marijuana plants are only able to absorb and digest any of the nutrients you feed them if the pH levels of your medium are on the right amount. Too acidic or too alkaline will mean less absorption for the Cannabis plants. In saying this, even though you feed them the exact amount in measurement as recommended, if the plants are unable to feed the all efforts will be deemed useless. Even if you shell out a  budget on the best nutrients to use growing marijuana, it will all go to waste if your Cannabis plants are not able to absorb and digest any of them.

Take note as well that another factor that increases or decreases the pH level of the medium is the water used when feeding. So always remember to check both your water and your soil or medium as frequently as you can. Happy growing!

When growing outside with quality seeds, you can anticipate full buds, profound flavors, and rich fragrances; and who wouldn’t need that? Albeit open-air growing is moderately testing in the first place, it very well may be charming once you get its hang. It might require sharp reasoning and legitimate planning from start to finish. Be that as it may, when it’s done well, it’s definitely justified even despite the exertion. By the day’s end, as long as you give your plants enough sun, water, soil, and the principle cannabis nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium), you ought to be set.