Marijuana, like any other plant, undergoes a timely and complex process before reaching a point wherein it is able to be consumed. Growers, both beginners and advanced, have a responsibility to understand just how exactly a marijuana plant grows in order to make sure that their weed comes out exactly the way they want it to. Now, believe me, growing marijuana is not the most difficult task out there but it does require a lot of attention to detail and effort. And knowing what to do in each of its stages of growth can help give any marijuana grower a higher chance of reaching some top-quality buds. So, what are The Growth Stages of a Marijuana Plant?

Before we break down the different stages that a marijuana plant goes through, we must first remember that everything we do from buying the seed, storing them, all the way up to harvesting them can all affect how your lovely marijuana buds may soon turn out. It may be a little confusing at first but marijuana is a sensitive plant! Be patient with it and treat it with some tender love and care. Now, growing marijuana plants usually take as long as 8 months depending on whether you are growing it indoors or outdoors. Each stage requires a certain type of treatment regarding the amount of light and water it receives, the temperature it is exposed to, and the moisture of the growing weed’s environment.

Growth Stages of a Marijuana Plant

  • GERMINATION – You cannot start planting your marijuana seeds without first germinating the seed itself. This first step ensures that you have a matured and healthy seed that is ready for planting. Often characterized by having the seed’s shell break open by little sprouting branches, this is the first sign of life that your precious marijuana plants give. During this process, the germ starts to come out as its roots form. The time window of this stage may range anywhere from one to fourteen days. Completion of germination indicated that the seed is ready to be introduced to a growing medium. For more specific information about the germination process, you can visit our article regarding that.
  • SEEDLING – During this stage, the baby leaves of your marijuana plant sprout up to receive some much needed sunlight. It would be important to note that this stage requires up to 14-18 hours of sunlight per day as well. Giving the right amount of sunlight and water can cause your marijuana plant to develop strong roots. Often considered as the stage that requires the most care, this is when around six to eight leaves start to form from your weed plant. These leaves also start forming the famous jagged edges that marijuana leaves are known for. During this stage, it is recommended that you focus more on how your leaves look while forming rather than the amount of time it takes.
  • VEGETATION – Known as the puberty stage of a marijuana plant’s life cycle, this is where your marijuana plant starts taking shape and structure. It garners the ability to start absorbing more nutrients as well. Because it starts growing taller and stronger, the branches can now support the growing buds of the plant. Its growth depends primarily on the amount of sunlight it is exposed to, so this stage usually takes the longest time from around 1 to 2 months. It usually is a passive time for growers because the only thing they need to watch out for is the amount of sunlight the plant is exposed to (usually 18 hours of sunlight per day).
  • FLOWERING – This is it! The most important and crucial stage of them all. At this stage, the amount of light that the plant is exposed to may be reduced considerably (12 hours each of sunlight and darkness is the best way to go). Your plant starts to produce this sticky resin that is found on the leaves. Flowers also start to produce and giving the plants some phosphorus and potassium is ideal. The overall potency of your marijuana buds will depend on how long your plant spends in the flowering stage.