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White Widow Strain Marijuana Seeds

Easy-growing and quick-flowering strain

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White Widow strain seeds are perfect to start your marijuana growing journey because they are easy to grow while producing one of the highest yields. Also, if you are chasing a soothing smoke that unlocks your inner creativity and chatty side, fall in love with our all-time favorite and famous White Widow Feminized! New and expert smokers and growers rely on the strain for more reasons than one. It is one of the finest Indica strains in the cannabis world. It offers not to overwhelming effects and has excellent medicinal value.

  • 60% Indica 40% Sativa
  • THC levels between 19-22%
  • Experience the euphoric and energetic highs
  • Easy to grow
  • Yields up to 450-500 grams indoors and 550-600 grams outdoors


About White Widow Strain

White Widow strain was discovered in the Netherlands back in the 90s. Its origin is unclear as some of the first people who found this hybrid claimed it came from a cross between South Indian Indica and a South American Sativa. However, some say that White Widow is the result of combining South Indian Indica and Brazilian Sativa landrace. White Widow delivers potent effects, letting you stay uplifted, euphoric, and creative from start to finish. The strain carries a 19-22% THC content, all-powerful but never overwhelming. It is an all-rounder strain, perfect for your daily dose of inspiration.

This cannabis strain is a 60/40 Indica/Sativa hybrid and every marijuana connoisseur’s favorite, striking its dank surprise whether you smell or smoke it. Also, this Indica-leaning hybrid is an easy-growing and quick-flowering cannabis. These plants will surely deliver the highest crop potential with the right love, care, and nutrients. They perform well, whether in an indoor or outdoor environment. This beginner-friendly strain should be on your bucket list of homegrown marijuana.

Growing White Widow Strain Marijuana Seeds

White Widow Strain Feminized seeds have an uncomplicated growth pattern. These feminized varieties both love the indoor and outdoor environment. Also, White Widow is highly resistant to diseases. It has a compact growth, reaching about 2-4 feet tall. If you have a backyard garden that gets direct sunlight, then growing the strain outdoors is effortless.

White Widow Strain Marijuana Seeds Flowering and Yield

After 8-9 weeks of flowering, White Widow strain cannabis seeds will reward you with one of the most significant harvests of marijuana. Indoors, you can opt for advanced growing techniques such as the Sea of Green and harvest a massive 450-500 grams per square meter under a 600W light. Outdoors, White Widow surprises you with 550-600 grams of harvest in each plant with ample sunlight.

Buy White Widow Strain Marijuana Seeds

When you buy marijuana seeds at Queen Seeds, we guarantee to offer you our high-quality White Widow Strain marijuana seeds in the market. Our cannabis seeds are handpicked and shipped to you securely and discreetly. We make sure to have high-germinating weed seeds of the finest quality.


White Widow Strain Specifications

Strain Dominant – Mosty Indica

THC Level – 19-22%

CBD Level – 0.70%

Flowering Time – 8 to 9 weeks