All throughout this year, thousands of marijuana strains were found, smoked, and hybridized. It is totally impossible that no strain carries the same iconic status as White Widow Marijuana Seeds. The origin of this cannabis strain is still a mystery up to this day.

Legend of White Widow

Even though this strain originated in mystery, we could assure the White Widow Marijuana Seeds is a typical Dutch, and grown first in the Netherlands.

The White Widow Marijuana Seeds was established since a hybridized Indica from Southern India was pollinated by a Sativa landrace from Brazil. As stated by the legends, White Widow Marijuana Seeds was the outcome of many years of picking and breeding in the mountains of Kerala to create resin-rich cannabis plants.

After the original release back in the 90s, White Widow Cannabis Seeds has been scattered around the world, leading to several varieties of the original strain. Presently, most reliable seed banks would feature a version of White Widow, with Queen Seeds with no exception.

Yielding and Growing of White Widow

This White Widow feminized strain grows up to 1meter tall indoors and reaches up to 2 meters when grown outdoors. This strain requires a lot of light but could be grown in cool climates like the UK, France, and the Netherlands. Once it’s grown inside, it can produce yields up to 450-500 grams/m² under the light of 600W. When grown outdoors, growers can harvest between 550-600grams/plant. Even though this cultivar will thrive better in warm climates, it still gives abundant results in Northern European climates.

White Widow Effects

The White Widow Marijuana Seeds’ effects after smoking are consistent with that of the best Sativa-dominant strain, gives the consumers a steller, and almost psychedelic high. Consumers would feel this to their heads, with a cerebral flow washing over them. The flavor is pine-fresh, with a little bit of citrus when exhaled creating an invigorating and tasteful smoke experience. This White Widow feminized cannabis stain by Queen Seeds isn’t just some White Widow variety; it gives old-school genetics in a next-gen experience that you wouldn’t forget.