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White Rhino Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds

A superstar Indica with body-numbing and mind-bending effects

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The White Rhino Strain is a magnificent variety admired for its tenacity and power. It is a potent Indica strain that can easily overwhelm even the most experienced cannabis users. It has an eye-catching physical presence and is very difficult to stop once it starts to take effect. It makes it perfect for people looking for a powerful physical high. With its feminized variety, each female plant will turn into a potential monster yielder once the danger of male seedlings has passed. It is known to return growers with a large harvest and is guaranteed to puff all year round.

  • 80% Indica 20% Sativa
  • THC levels at 19%
  • A happy and relaxing marijuana
  • Moderately easy to grow
  • Yields 900 grams indoors and up to 1200 grams outdoors


About White Rhino Strain

White Rhino strain got its name from the upper part of the plant that looks similar to the horns of a rhinoceros. Although the precise genetics are unknown, White Rhino is known as a descendant between White Widow and North American Indica combination. The strain took the best of both parents, producing premium-quality buds and enormous yields. Its 20% THC content makes it one of the most potent cannabis strains for both medicinal and recreational use. Effects are almost immediate, with feelings of relaxation and euphoria. The high lasts for several hours before gradually dissipating.

White Rhino is also known for its earthy, intense aroma and taste. White Rhino is a dream-inducing strain that may help you fall asleep faster. It’s also good for knocking you out at night since it can put you to sleep. White Rhino may be beneficial in treating insomnia or other sleeping issues.

Growing White Rhino Strain Marijuana Seeds

The White Rhino strain marijuana seeds grow in both soil and hydroponic media, with the latter providing a more distinct flavor. The strain produces generous yields and can grow in almost any condition, making it popular among experienced and novice marijuana growers.

White Rhino Strain Marijuana Seeds Flowering and Yield

The average time the White Rhino takes to flower and be ready for harvest is 8 weeks when grown indoors. Indoor growers may expect around 900 grams of usable buds per square foot. The climate for growing White Rhino strain marijuana seeds outdoors must be damp yet not excessively wet. By the last week of October, the strain will be entirely blossomed and ready to harvest. Growers can expect up to 1200 grams of mind-lifting buds per plant.

Buy White Rhino Strain Marijuana Seeds

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White Rhino Strain Specifications

Strain Dominant – Mostly Indica

THC Level – 19%

CBD Level – 0.8%

Flowering Time – 8 weeks