The world’s most famous cannabis strains, Girl Scout Cookies, and White Widow, and produces the world’s best cannabis hybrid with White Cookies marijuana seeds. A knockout at a high THC content, with a medium flowering time of 9 weeks and white crystals, this Indica-dominant cannabis hybrid has the characteristics of both parents. Easy and fun to grow, this cannabis strain thrives in indoor growing.

White Cookies Strain Feminized

The difficulty level of growth is moderately easy, which means it’s not confined to veteran growers only. The yields are stunning, ranging from 200 grams to 400 grams when grown indoors and outdoors, respectively. This statistic makes White Cookies marijuana seeds an abundant yielding cannabis strain, and with a THC level measure at 19.25%, only a small bud could go along the way than smoking this marijuana strain.

White Cookies marijuana seeds offer you the possibility to encounter what its lineage does best. Just like White Widow and Girl Scout Cookies, this cannabis strain produces contented, relaxed, body-heavy, and euphoric effects. Therefore, this is perfect smoke during finals week in school or during a month-end rush to work.

Our White Cooking strains is also famous and widely used because it reproduces the medical effects of its parent cannabis strain; usually used to treat pain, mood issues, loss of appetite, and nausea. If you want to see the advantages of those two major strains combined to one, then you must give White Cookies a chance.

You might want to consider growing White Cooking marijuana seeds if you like the sound of its genetics and its benefits. These are feminized cannabis seeds, so all grow would result in delicious, fat buds that would deliver a happy feeling, nice body high, and a chance to experience the medical properties of its parents.