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Sunset Sherbet Strain Marijuana Seeds

An iconic strain that sparks creativity and giggles

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When you think of iconic and award-winning marijuana, the mouthwatering and mighty Girl Scout Cookies comes to mind. Those seeking an alternative to the legendary strain should seek Sunset Sherbet. Sunset Sherbet strain marijuana seeds develop into an Indica-dominant plant with powerfully intoxicating effects when grown.

  • 85% Indica 15% Sativa
  • THC level at 20%
  • Indulge its creative, uplifting, and relaxing effects
  • Intermediate growing difficulty
  • Yields 350 grams indoors / 350 grams outdoors


About Sunset Sherbet Strain

Sunset Sherbet strain is a Girl Scout Cookies cross, and its lineage traces back to such famous genetics as OG Kush, Durban Poison, and Cherry Pie— a few of the most potent Indicas available. Sunset Sherbet is an exception to the rule because it combines the best Indica and Sativa characteristics. You’ll benefit from 20% THC throughout your body, including head-to-toe relaxation like sitting back after a long day at work. If you had an intense exercise session, it might help you relax or alleviate pain. Sunset Sherbet can assist with any type of discomfort!

Sunset Sherbet provides a hit of cerebral excitement that counterbalances your body’s deep relaxation. You’ll feel slightly energized, soothed, and productive simultaneously. Many consumers appreciate this feminized hybrid for its ability to reduce anxiety, tension, and pain without sending them into a stupor.

Growing Sunset Sherbet Strain Marijuana Seeds

Sunset Sherbet strain cannabis seeds require the bare minimum effort and can grow in both indoor and outdoor environments. They like temperatures of 70 degrees or more, with plenty of sunshine and temperate, Mediterranean-like surroundings. The plants are highly resistant to mildew and mold, making them perfect for novice growers. Growers should avoid exposure to strong winds or extreme heat when growing their plants outdoors.

Sunset Sherbet Strain Marijuana Seeds Flowering and Yield

When growing in controlled environments, Sunset Sherbet strain will begin flowering in 8-10 weeks. These feminized plants average about 4-5 feet high. It may not be the highest yielder, but with basic LST techniques, indoor growers can expect 350 grams of refreshing buds per square foot. These plants do well in soil and won’t require a hydroponic method.

Sunset Sherbet grows bigger in outdoor environments, increasing its potential yields. Outdoor-grown plants produce up to 350 grams per plant and stretch up to 6 feet high. The harvest usually falls between the end of September to earlier in October.

Buy Sunset Sherbet Strain Marijuana Seeds

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Sunset Sherbet Strain Specifications

Strain Dominant – Mostly Indica

THC Level – 20%

CBD Level – Low

Flowering Time – 8 to 10 weeks