Sour Girl Marijuana Seeds is a feminized autoflowering strain, and is very easy to grow and can thrive in both outdoor and indoor environments. It is a tall plant and is perfect for outdoor gardens and indoor growth with abundant vertical spaces. This high yielding strain is ideal for newbie growers. Its effect is long-lasting with a cerebral high, great for decreasing anxiety and stress.

More About Sour Girl Autoflower

Sour Girl Marijuana Seeds is an excellent mixture of three amazing strains Sour Diesel, Ruderalis, and Early Girl. It shows its characteristics of which are apparent as coming from strong strains. Generous density is one thing that makes this stand out, and together with a bushy, complex scent that could easily get to your face.

With the family of this amazing strain, you can quite easily guess what the bud’s flavor-sour to the highest level! You can still notice a little bit of pungent and hash aromas. Above all, it provides a high that is a head-spinning as its taste, with some cerebral impacts boosting your spirits, leaving you flying with an amazing feeling of bliss.

The high begins slowly, crawling up before controlling your mind entirely. Nevertheless, a couch-locking sensation would set in. This cannabis strain is perfect for social interactions, as you could feel more energized, creative, and outgoing. Its buds show a long-forest green pepper-shaped bud with a little bit of sparse-light amber hair and covered with tiny crystals.

Sour Girl Marijuana Seeds is a very tolerant cannabis strain, allowing you to grow whether outdoors or indoors. This plant is usually medium level tall. Its flowers are likely to be pungent and sticky at the same time.