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Sour Diesel Strain Marijuana Seeds

Best for experienced growers.

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Sour Diesel Strain is a challenging yet rewarding strain to grow. It produces significant yields of diesel-smelling buds in a short time. If you want an all-natural alternative to fuel your day and tackle your daily chores full of energy, let our Sour Diesel strain seeds remind you that life is always fun, so relax and be happy. A quick hit and you are in for a day full of fun, energetic, and uplifting experience. Although invigorating, its effects deliver a relaxing body buzz to make you feel great once your day is over. Grow Sour D now and make it a habit to take a puff or two for a productive day ahead.

  • 40% Indica 60% Sativa
  • THC levels at 20%
  • Get that fun and energetic feeling
  • Difficult to grow
  • Yields up to 450-500 grams indoors and high yields outdoors


About Sour Diesel Strain

This Sativa-leaning hybrid reeks of a strong diesel aroma even from meters away. The crossbreeding of Super Skunk and Chemdawg 91 parents brought the Sour Diesel strain to life. Thanks to its towering high THC content of 20%, it packs a powerful and quick-acting cerebral buzz. The strain stimulates and energizes the mind and body to melt away pain, stress, and depression. The long-lasting effects are perfect for use during the day to keep you going.

Moreover, the strain is famed for its therapeutic benefits and unique terpene profile. Sour Diesel marijuana strain is best for experienced growers. However, if you master its challenging growth trait, you can collect a year’s supply of diesel-smelling buds. It is every connoisseur’s favorite, so you should have it too.

Growing Sour Diesel Strain Marijuana Seeds

When it comes to growing, Sour Diesel strain marijuana seeds can be demanding, especially for beginners. They love growing in dry, warm, and sunny climates with low humidity levels. Also, the Sour Diesel cannabis strain develops amphibian-like, narrow fan leaves. And its crystal-coated pistils cover the entire resinous buds. These female plants have a high tolerance to pests but are more susceptible to powdery mildew, so make sure to prune or top them.

Sour Diesel Strain Marijuana Seeds Flowering and Yield

The flowering stage of Sour Diesel strain feminized seeds lasts around 9-10 weeks. When grown indoors, the plants can deliver between 450-500 grams per square meter of sticky buds, excellent for making concentrate. Expect massive yields in every plant when growing outdoors.

Buy Sour Diesel Strain Marijuana Seeds

When you buy marijuana seeds at Queen Seeds, we guarantee high-germinating and superb quality Sour Diesel strain cannabis seeds in the market. Our weed seeds are handpicked, packed with care, and shipped securely and discreetly. Grab yours now at super low prices.


Sour Diesel Strain Specifications

Strain Dominant – Mostly Sativa

THC Level – 20%

CBD Level – 0.80%

Flowering Time – 9 to 10 weeks