Sour Diesel marijuana seeds are a powerful Sativa-dominant cannabis strain which smells of strong diesel. Perfect use during day time because users would feel euphoric, uplifted, and energetic.

Sour Diesel strain is a Sativa-dominant family that gets its name after its aroma which smells of strong diesel. Over the years of positive feedback from marijuana connoisseurs, this cannabis strain is fast-acting and brings around a dreamy cerebral effect that also energizes and helps fight stress, pain, and depression along with long-lasting relief. Its nickname is Sour D, this iconic cannabis strain was evolved in the early 90s’ and is a descendant of Super Skunk and Chamdawg 91.

Marijuana users choose Sour Diesel as an invigorating and uplifting Sativa that brings happiness, euphoric energy that also keeps you relaxed. The medical usage also includes stress reduction, headache relief, depression aid, pain management, and fatigue improvement.

Medicinal Application

Sour Diesel marijuana seeds is famous for its cerebral and energetic effects that drive beforehand to slowly fade into a mellow, intoxicating dream state. This is an amazing choice for relieving symptoms of depression and lethargy while giving pain relief and uplifting attitudes. Sour Diesel marijuana seeds is also a powerful appetite stimulant.

Physical Characteristics

Sativa characteristics dominate the cannabis Sour Diesel strain, with amphibian-like wave pattering its narrow fan leaves. Cucumber-green sugar leaves are embellished with sage-green and white crystals pistils that curl into the body of each charismatic flower.


Sour Diesel marijuana seeds generate resinous buds with chem/sour terpene profiles, that warrants this Sativa-dominant hybrid a great choice for rosin pressing and other techniques of concentrate manufacture.


Can be hard to grow
Prefers sunny, dry and warm climate
Requires low humidity
Prone to powdery mildew
Tolerance to pests


Flower phase: 9 to 10 weeks
Yield: 450-500 g/m2
Prone to mildew

Sour Diesel Statistics

Dominant Origins – 40% Indica, 60% Sativa
Parents of Sour Diesel Fem – Chemdawg 91 x Super Skunk
Aroma – Diesel, Skunk, Citrus, Herbal/Spicy
Flavour – Lemon, Spicy, Chemical
Impediments – Dry eyes, Dry mouth, Paranoia
CBD Range – 1-2%
THC Range – 20%