Autoflowering and easy to grow plants, Revolver marijuana seeds can thrive in both outdoor and indoor setups. It is a medium height plant that makes it a good match for smaller indoor gardens. Feminized and high yielding, this cannabis strain is perfect for newbie growers.

Revolver marijuana seeds have long-lasting Indica effects and are medically effective in pain relief and appetite stimulation. Since Revolver marijuana seeds is an autoflowering plant, you can anticipate a fast finish in just 7 weeks. If you smoked it, you would experience a stoney high with a body buzz that would make you want more. Its THC level is low to moderate.

More About Revolver Autoflower

Queen Seeds feminized Revolver Autoflowering cannabis seeds which originated in Spain and are a cross between Diesel White Widow and NY City Diesel. It contains 10% Ruderalis, 20% Sativa, and 70% Indica. With a low to moderate THC content of 12.67%, smoking Revolver would lead to a pleasant type of stoned body buzz.

The yielding is high for an autoflowering cannabis strain, from 150 grams for an outside grow to a maximum yield of 250 grams in indoor grow. This indicates that it is a good alternative if you’re searching for a plant that flowers not just rapidly, but also in large quantities.

As a baby strain with medicinal properties, our autoflowering Revolver could be used by medicinal cannabis patients. This cannabis plant could be used for appetite stimulation and pain relief.

This autoflowering Revolver marijuana seeds is a perfect choice if you’re searching for versatile strains that would appeal to a large crowd with different usage for smoking weed. One whiff of this beauty and you would certainly clamor for more of these dank buds.


Type: Auto Flowering Feminized
Climate: Outdoor/Indoor
THC Level: 13.67%
Indica/Sativa: 70% Indica
Flowering: 7 weeks
Yield: 250 grams/plant
Height: Short – Medium (3.5 feet avg)
Effect: Stoney High – Full Body Buzz
Flavor: Citrus and Lemon
Growing: Easy-Moderate