Purple Kush marijuana seeds are famous for its powerful smoky flavor mixed with a very high THC content and its purple leaves. This cannabis plant is short in height with a thick buds hole with thin orange and white hairs. Purple Kush marijuana seeds are a versatile and long-lasting cannabis plant with icy buds and an earthy, strong scent that would give your body a pleasant high. It can give you an abundant yield and its flowers within just 8 to 10 weeks. The effect is a solid Indica feeling that would make you want for and the THC content is extremely high. Not very analgesic, it has a powerful, pleasing buzz that is couch-locking and very relaxing. Purple Kush strain could help you if you want to chill.

All About Purple Kush Feminized Marijuana

Purple Kush marijuana seeds have become the most legendary strains of its time, because of its special purple color and buds with white and orange hairs. One glance is enough to recognize this plant from others. Its aroma is quite strong, so there’s no error once a little Purple Kush is brought inside the room.

This cannabis strain can survive both outdoors and indoors and also categorized as an easy to moderate growth. The flowering time takes around just an average length of time and has abundant yields. When grown outdoors this strain can generate 2450 grams per plant, while when grown inside it can generate around 400 grams thick buds per plant.

Purple Kush feminized strain has an amazingly THC content of more than 24%. Purple Kush isn’t highly psychedelic compared to most high THC strains. However, this cannabis strain would give you a couch-locking feeling for several hours keeping some of your muscles relaxed and soothed and the mind is pleasantly drifting. This is the ideal smoke for those lazy weekends when you just want to experience a deep level of calm and lie down.

Purple Kush Marijuana Seeds Statistics

Dominant Origins – 100% pure Indica
Parents of Purple Kush – Purple Afghan
Hindu Kush
Aroma – Sweet grapes variation with a subtle earthiness
CBD Range – 0.07 to 0.1%
THC Range – 17 to 27%