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Platinum Cookies Strain Marijuana Seeds

High-grade Indica with sought-after flavors and effects

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Are you searching for high-quality cannabis strains that you can grow at home? Then, try our Platinum Cookies strain marijuana seeds. These THC-rich strains are insanely delectable, making every moment of your day even better. These short-sized Indica-dominant plants are gorgeous in white and gold. They promise first-rate growing experiences, ease of cultivation, and ample harvests of sticky, sweet, and spicy buds that will make you fall. Platinum Cookies is a tried-and-true strain that always produces glittery trichomes. She’s perfect for making extractions or edibles, and her irresistibly sweet berry and earth notes make for a pleasant smoking experience.

  • 60% Indica 40% Sativa
  • THC levels at 23%
  • Euphoric, Relaxing, Mood-boosting
  • Moderately easy to grow
  • 350-450 grams indoor yields / up to 450 grams outdoor yields


About Platinum Cookies Strain

The Platinum Cookies strain is the offspring of crossbreeding OG Kush, Durban Poison, and an unknown variety. The well-chosen genetic pool of this potent strain leads to a feminized plant that is approximately 60% Indica with 100% stress-busting qualities. This creation is even better than one might expect, given its parents.

The bodily effects of Platinum Cookies make her a go-to strain for medicinal consumers, as she numbs chronic pain and provides head-highs to combat low mood and gloomy thoughts in people with depression or anxiety. Unwind at the end of a tiring day with Platinum Cookies and experience a head-to-toe relaxation while filling your mind with positive energy.

Growing Platinum Cookies Strain Marijuana Seeds

Platinum Cookies strain seeds are moderately easy to grow with feminized seeds and Indica growth traits that make for a compact, sturdy, and adaptive plant. This plant only needs essential environmental control and occasional pruning to do well indoors or outdoors, yielding more than other strains with the same amount of light and TLC. Platinum Cookies is a hardy plant that forgives rookie mistakes and common growing problems, ideal for growers of all levels.

Platinum Cookies Strain Marijuana Seeds Flowering and Yield

Indoor growers can expect Platinum Cookies strain cannabis seeds to finish flowering in 8-10 weeks and produce between 350-450 grams of fresh buds per square meter. Outdoor growers with sunny, Mediterranean-like environments can pull up a massive 450 grams per plant of flavorful buds by late October.

Buy Platinum Cookies Strain Marijuana Seeds

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Platinum Cookies Strain Specifications

Strain Dominant – Mostly Indica

THC Level – 23%

CBD Level – 0.3%

Flowering Time – 8 to 10 weeks