Original Skunk marijuana seeds are regular and are a combination of both female or male seeds. If the female and male seeds are grown and pollinate together, they would generate more seeds rather than “buds” or flowers.

If the goal is for your plant to generate buds, but still you want to use regular cannabis strain rather than a feminized strain, you could divide the males prior to pollinating the females while they’re still immature plants. An easy way to tell the difference between female and male cannabis plants is during the pre-flowering phase. At this time the males would produce pre-flowers that are “ball” shaped, while the females would generate pre-flowers that are “pistil” shaped.

All About Original Skunk Strains

This bad-smelling cannabis plant shows its full pungent existence from miles away. This cannabis plant has THC content of reaching more than 15%. Even though these statistics aren’t as high as those of other cannabis strains Original Skunk marijuana see is loved and patronized by growers and users because of its special qualities and excellent effects.

Original Skunk strain doesn’t cause more than psychedelic effects. The high is mostly a good body dash, briefly gluing you to the couch while keeping your limbs and muscles appeased and calm. Original Skunk marijuana strain also generates effects that might have the potential for medical usages. Individuals who are suffering from body pain, exhaustion, and the same issue could benefit from these strains.

When grown outdoors, this cannabis plant has been famous in generating more than 250 grams. That amount becomes 400 grams when grown indoors. These amounts might not be as large as those of other cannabis strains, but you will be surprised on seeing your first couple of Original Skunks. Each one is an icy, fat,resin-rich golf ball-like bud that smells of awesomeness.

Original Skunk Statistics

Genetics: Skunk No. 1
Also Known as: “The Pure”
Variety: Mostly Sativa (75%)
Type: Stabilized hybrid and True-Breeding
Harvest Date: Mid-October
Flowering Period: 9 weeks
THC Content: 14% to 16%
Characteristics: Easy to grow