Over the past 20 years, NYC Diesel marijuana seeds have been considered as one of the greatest all-around strains for marijuana enthusiasts searching for an incredible tasting and piercingly potent cannabis plant. NYC Diesel Marijuana seeds are the hybrid of an Afghani landrace Indica and a Mexican Sativa. Soma declared that they got these genetics on the east coast of the USA from a very trusted source that also occurs to have extremely-long dreadlocks. Other names were given to this cannabis strain but after the terror attack in NYC during 2001 in September, NYC Diesel marijuana seeds were renamed by Soma to reflect his love for the great city and its people. For everyone to be confused with Sour Diesel, Soma Diesel aka NYC Diesel has among the most distinctive and unique scent of any marijuana plants around. The scent and flavor are like a tangy tropical grapefruit and once you try it. No others would come near in comparison.

NYC Diesel Flavor & Scent

NYC Diesel marijuana seeds have also an excellent boost of high that would make you smile ear to ear and have you laughing in total bliss and the scent itself is adequate to feel you love this cannabis strain. The scent comes on very clean and smooth and lasts for hours. NYC Diesel marijuana seeds have a high plafond that means you still feel the impacts even after just having smoke earlier in the day. The THC level is averaging to 18-24% and the CBD is >1%. This is mostly Sativa hybrid, 60% Sativa to 40% Indica and the high offers a powerful sense of well-being, relaxation, and peace. NYC Diesel marijuana seeds is a perfect daytime cannabis strain for creative and productive types. Also because of the uplifting and hunger inspiring high, this cannabis strain is loved by medicinal consumers who experience appetite loss and depression.

Growing NYC Diesel Seeds

From seeds, NYC Diesel marijuana seeds are quite balanced and uniform in growing. The plant survives in a warmer environment with a lot of ventilation. NYC Diesel marijuana seeds could get either tall and it generates some horrendous colas with super giant resinous calyxes. This is a very strong smelling cannabis strain both while growing and as finished buds so ensure to have enough air filter if you want to prevent exposure. Normal flowering time is 10-12 weeks in indoor growing and would finish in late October to early November when grown outdoors. The buds aren’t too leafy creating this an easy cannabis strain to trim. The hash made from the trimming of NYC Diesel marijuana seeds is some of the finest you would ever taste. Outdoor yields are 12+oz/plant and 14oz/m2 when grown inside. The buds are make-believe with the other Diesel hybrids on the market and give this remarkable NYC Diesel marijuana seeds super stray to try.