When we talk about strains that have laid down their mark on the marijuana plant genetics that all around today, there are some names which could be mentioned as often as Northern Lights marijuana seeds. The exact makeup of the Northern Lights origin is thought to have come out of coact America, originated from eleven various seeds.

Northern Lights Fascinating Background

Every variety of these strains have been bred, hybridized and inbred so much over the year which the exact genetic maintains as a mystery. Nevertheless, one thing which is certain is that Northern Lights marijuana seeds have been the foundation for many of the award-winning classics in the history of marijuana. Based on the legend, it was an absolute Indica plant from Afghanistan, even though some of the original eleven plants were said to obtain Thai genetics. Presently, we bring you our feminized Northern Lights marijuana seeds that are still an Indica-dominant hybrid but carry a lot of Sativa in its leadership structure.

Growing of Northern Lights

This Northern Light feminized strain would grow as high as 1.2 meters tall indoors, but it would stretch to over 2 meters tall outside. It would generate relatively wider internode gaping, with long thin leaves, exhibiting its Sativa background. Once flowering Afghan heritage comes to life, with thick, resin-coated nuggets that form all over the plant; although, it would generate a giant major cola.

It would yield an average of 500 grams/sq meter under 600W lights. When grown outdoors, it could give as much as 625 grams/ plant but would require the nice warm environment of Southern Spain, North Africa, and California. Put in full sunlight and given adequate water and food, Northern Lights marijuana seeds would grow into a tree and give abundant results for yield. The flowering period will finish after 7 to 8 weeks. During the flowering phase, all buds are formed with a light, resin-coated surface that starts to glow towards the end of the phase.

Queen of Stoned Head

Northern Lights Marijuana seeds are simple among those knockout smokes that assures a couch-locking session for the next few minutes. The Afghan inheritance really shines through in the smoke, and anyone searching for the strong stone seeks no further than this amazing cannabis strain.

Northern Lights Marijuana Seeds Info

Dominant Origins – 95% Indica / 5% Sativa
Parents of Northern Lights – Afghani / Thai
Aroma – Pungently spicy and sweet.
Flavour – Earthy sweet, with a little bit of pine.
Impediments – Side-effects may involve dry eyes, dry mouth, headaches, mild paranoia, and dizziness.
CBD Range – Medium
THC Range – 16 to 26%

Medicinal Application

Usually used to relieve sleeplessness, Northern Lights marijuana seeds are perfect for treating depression and stress. This strain’s heavy body-high is absolutely effective in addressing chronic pain and its strong appetite-causing effects are used to treat eating disorders like anorexia.