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Northern Berry Strain Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

Keep a pain-free and stress-free day with a few puffs of berry-flavored buds!

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Grow your homegrown Northern Berry strain autoflower seeds and experience an intensely mental and body buzz at the comfort of your couch. The strain may be what you need if you’re looking for a hybrid that packs a powerful punch. This Indica-dominant hybrid is known for its ability to help treat symptoms such as pain and insomnia. However, if you’re new to cannabis, beware – too much of this strain can result in an early night’s sleep!

  • 70% Indica 20% Sativa 10% Ruderalis
  • THC content at 20%
  • Enjoy hours of cerebral stimulation and calming highs
  • Straightforward growing difficulty
  • 350 grams indoor yields / 200 grams outdoor yields


About Northern Berry Strain

Northern Berry, the offspring of Northern Lights #5 and Blueberry, is a power couple’s child. This autoflower has a distinct blueberry aroma with undertones of earthy hash. Despite its strong Indica influence, the Northern Berry strain boasts a well-balanced cerebral and physical impact that’s great for late afternoon or nighttime consumption. The 20% THC content offers users cerebral effects and the potential to enter a state that resembles a psychedelic experience, making it an unforgettable, colorful adventure.

The Northern Berry strain gives off a strong blueberry aroma, living up to its parentage. This plant smells earthy and sweet, with a lingering berry scent that will stay in the air long after it’s gone. This autoflowering strain is delectable, and its sweet and earthy qualities will thoroughly tickle your sense. The inhale will reveal a strong hash flavor, while the exhale will leave a sweet berry stain on your lips for quite some time after you’ve finished smoking it.

Growing Northern Berry Strain Marijuana Seeds

Northern Berry strain cannabis seeds are robust, mid-sized, and low-maintenance plants that may be grown by novice growers. This variety takes an average time to finish blooming and can generate abundant yields.

Northern Berry Strain Marijuana Seeds Flowering and Yield

On average, indoor-grown Northern Berry strain marijuana seeds will produce roughly 350 grams per square meter and takes approximately 8-10 weeks to complete blooming and be ready for a successful harvest. Northern Berry is a heavy-yielding, short-stemmed Indica. It flowers into the late summer and should be ready around the middle of October when grown outdoors. The plants can produce an impressive 200 grams per plant of sweet berry-tasting buds.

Buy Northern Berry Strain Marijuana Seeds

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Northern Berry Strain Specifications

Strain Dominant – Mostly Indica

THC Level – 20%

CBD Level – 1%

Flowering Time – 8 to 10 weeks