Still can’t decide which autoflowering cannabis strain is perfect to grow? You should try an auto feminized mix marijuana seeds; a pack of meticulously selected potent and viable seeds ideal for newbie growers. This pack has seeds from various amazing strains that are also high yielding and easy-flowering auto strains.

More About Autoflower Mixed Marijuana

Auto feminized mix marijuana seeds is a load of randomly picked and untagged autoflowering seeds from our brand. As one of the topmost seed banks in Canada, we are doing our best to give a little dash of everything we have so that everyone will be involved.

These auto feminized marijuana strains come in a large variety of difficulties in growing, qualities, effects, and many more. It’s impractical not to find the perfect one for you, and there’s nothing more thrilling than amazed yourself with what buds you handle to reap when harvest time comes.

When you open a bag of our auto feminized mix marijuana seeds, you might want to be ready for a very easy to moderate growth. One thing is for sure, even though these are all flexible strains that could grow in both outdoor and indoor growing environments. The flowering time could vary a lot, but 9 weeks must be the longest, which is still moderately short.

These masterpieces also vary more when it comes to genetics, but all of them come from neither Spain nor the Netherlands, which indicates they are nothing short of premium quality. With regard to THC content, they could be anywhere from low to high (10.85% – 24%). Once it comes to yield, although, they don’t vary that much. These plants could yield anywhere between 100 grams and 250 grams, and it is still based on either they are grown outdoors or indoors.

Unfortunately, these combination packs are for undecided growers who can’t settle on which auto feminized marijuana seeds strain to cultivate or just want to amaze themselves by the sheer variety that is coming on their way.