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Head Band Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Wrap yourself in a warm embrace from a classic Indica

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Headband strain cannabis seeds are painless to grow, producing smooth and creamy buds that are said to deliver a sensation similar to being enveloped in a soft fluffy blanket. The Headband is the strain to try if you’re searching for marijuana that can treat what hurts you while putting you into a deep state of relaxation. This feminized hybrid delivers long-lasting pain alleviation and peace of mind while banishing stress.

  • 70% Indica 30% Sativa
  • THC content at 21%
  • Dive into a delightful and head-spinning high
  • Easy growing difficulty
  • 500 grams indoor yields and 500-1000 grams outdoors


About Head Band Strain

The Headband strain is a legendary Indica-dominant hybrid that produces blissful, stress-busting effects. Combining the potency and goodness of OG Strains and Sour Diesel, Headband brings you to cloud 9 in no time. With its THC content clocking at 21%, expect this female hybrid to wrap your brain and body in a warm embrace for up to 3 hours. Let yourself dive into its pungently sweet smoke with hints of energizing lemon. This potent strain is ideal for combating pains, aches, stress,  and emotional disorders like depression and anxiety. More marijuana patients rely on Headband to help them manage insomnia, migraines, and other illnesses.

Growing Head Band Strain Marijuana Seeds

Headband strain marijuana seeds are low-maintenance varieties that are friendly to novice and expert growers alike. These feminized plants thrive in an indoor or outdoor environment, preferring a mild, temperate climate with slight variation. Headband cannabis requires a bit of attention to humidity to prevent pest and mold build-up.

Head Band Strain Marijuana Seeds Flowering and Yield

Headband strain seeds can flourish in 7 to 8 weeks when grown under ideal circumstances indoors. The plant can produce approximately 500 grams per square meter of indoor harvest. This female marijuana strain may provide around 500-1000 grams of outdoor yields per plant when grown in warm and sunny climates. Harvest some delectable buds in mid-October for optimal results.

Buy Head Band Strain Marijuana Seeds

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Head Band Strain Specifications

Strain Dominant – Mostly Indica

THC Level – 21%

CBD Level – 0.1%

Flowering Time – 7 to 8 weeks