Haze Xtreme was made with a potent Sativa high and an increased psychedelic effect. Famous for moderate-sized harvest and smaller dense buds, Haze Xtreme would give you a body and head high enabling you to be very good at daily activities while keeping creative conversations.

Haze Xtreme marijuana seeds are regular strains and a combination of both female and male seeds. If the female and males seeds are pollinated and grown together, they would generate more seeds rather than buds and flowers.

If the goal is for your plants to generate buds, you still want to use a regular one rather than a feminized cannabis strain, you could separate the males period to the pollination of the females while they’re still immature plants. An easy method to tell the difference between female and male plants is during the pre-flowering phase. At this moment the males would generate pre-flowers that are “ball” shaped while the females would produce pre-flowers that are “pistils” shaped.

Haze Xtrase is mainly Sativa and could take up to 10 weeks to flower. The impact is a head and body high which would keep you awake and alert. This is suited for those who would want to maintain productivity and active with their daily ventures. If you want to encounter an utmost kind of Haze then Haze Xtreme is the perfect marijuana strain for you.

All About Haze Xtreme Regular

As the name shows, this cannabis strain is a strengthened version of the iconic favorite Haze marijuana strain. This marijuana strain turned up the already strengthened effects of its parents to deliver a more strong high.

The immense strong scent of Haze Xtreme marijuana seeds is tempting. The aroma is a special mixture of different lingeries and notes for a long time. It is the type of scent you want to bask in and start up with your day.

This strain has a high THC content at more than 22%. The high is mostly cerebral while keeping your body free from any pain and relaxed. It also has a high CBN content at 1%. You would encounter some psychedelic effects but would still be able to go about your regular routine and have a friendly middle with your friends.

This strain is categorized as easy to moderate to grow. It can thrive both outdoors and indoors, with maximum yields of 350 grams outdoors and 550 grams indoors.

This cannabis strain is highly potent and is recommended for users and growers who are searching for a heavy mind high without dealing with physical activity, productivity, and awareness all throughout the day. In any case of whether it’s a busy day at home or work, Haze Xtreme marijuana seeds are the ideal acquaintance to have closely. This iconic strain is a deserving add up to your arsenal of THC cannabis plants that make busy days not just enjoyable but bearable.