The feminized mix marijuana seeds is a combined pack of cannabis feminized strains and is ideal for undecided growers. Queen Seeds have incorporated all the classic strains. Relish a little dash of amazing strains in your garden like the Indica, Hybrid, and Sativa. These strains are ideal for outdoor and indoor cultivation and can provide you with an abundant yield of feminized seeds.

All About Feminized Mixed Marijuana

Feminized mix marijuana seeds is a load of randomly picked and untagged feminized seeds from our brand, so we can not assure any particular strain would be involved. What we guarantee is that you would receive nothing but the fattest and densest buds to occur in harvest time.

Flowering stage, effects, and difficulty would be based from plant to plant. The difficulty in growing would range from “very easy” to “moderate” but refuse that are higher levers or “expert”. Yields could be anywhere from 450 grams to 500 grams per plant, even though the amount would be based on the growing medium and area.

The THC levels range frp, 12% – 25%, while the CBD percentage could be anywhere from as low as 0.10% to as high as 3.50%. The effects could be calming, relaxing, medicinal, stimulating, or overwhelming. If you can not decide but are prepared to be amazed. Then acquire yourself one of these feminized mix marijuana seeds packs.

Plants would be based in height, from thin and tall Sativa to bushy and short Indica, together with hybrids somewhere in between. The levels CBD and THC would be based from low to moderate to high. It is the perfect chance for you to try all of Queen Seeds feminized strains in one pack.

Effect, taste, and smell of Feminized Mix

Queen Seeds feminized mix cannabis seeds contains a variety of various seeds, which indicates that the consumer could relish a range of different aroma, tastes, and effects. The Indica variant normally has spicy earthy base notes, however, Sativa plants tend to give fresh, bushy top notes (particularly the Haze family). One of the main advantages of growing Feminized mix marijuana seeds is encountering the multiple aromas and tastes of the marijuana flavor spectrum.

The effects vary from plant to plant. When the flowers heal, some growers opt to maintain the buds far from the other plants, then try to guess which strains they have cultured. Some like to combine the buds all together to make a “marijuana cocktail”, and establish their own favorite mixture.