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Dutch Treat Strain Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

Treat yourself to a sweet, delectable smoke!

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By growing your batch of Dutch Treat strain marijuana seeds, you can grow healthy and productive Indica-dominant plants that yield dense, sticky buds covered in gold trichomes. These cannabis buds are famous for producing aromatic cannabinoids with higher THC, CBD, and CBG levels. Dutch Treat is a classic Amsterdam strain that provides a satisfying, balanced cerebral buzz. You will feel happy and relaxed after indulging in this Indica-dominant weed. Don’t worry because Dutch Treat won’t get you glued to the couch as the strain allows you to chill.

  • 55% Indica 45% Sativa
  • THC content between 10-15%
  • Euphoric, Calm, Therapeutic
  • Intermediate growing difficulty
  • 340-450 grams indoor yields / 110-220 grams outdoor yields


About Dutch Treat Strain

Dutch Treat Autoflower is a 55% Indica-dominant hybrid and a cross from multiple parents of Northern Lights Strain, Afghani Gold Strain, Hawaiian Sativa, Santa Maria, and Ruderalis genetics. It exudes a skunky, fruity, and floral fragrance that users can enjoy, while the taste is a potent mix of citrus and eucalyptus in its smoke. With 10-15% THC content, the strain delivers powerful effects on the body, relaxing the muscles till they are couch-locked while creating a euphoric sensation on the mind. This marijuana is a sweet and stress-free way to unwind.

Dutch Treat strain provides a fast-acting, gentle, and smooth high that not only eases stress and alleviates bodily and emotional tension while combating chronic pain. It is incredibly beneficial cannabis for patients who want a relaxing good night’s sleep. Also, regular and moderate smoking can relieve migraine, gastrointestinal problems, and multiple sclerosis.

Growing Dutch Treat Strain Marijuana Seeds

Indoors or out, Dutch Treat strain cannabis seeds are versatile plants that do best on an 18/6 light cycle and thrive in moderately temperate conditions. At home, in the Sea of Green technique, and in smaller spaces, this leafy strain will develop heavy, resinous buds in ideal growing conditions. These dense, luscious, and fragrant buds can quickly fill a room so light up a joint or hit a bong and enjoy. Dutch Treat prefers an indoor environment for easy care and maintenance. This short-sized autoflowering plant is ideal for growers with prior marijuana growing experience.

Dutch Treat Strain Marijuana Seeds Flowering and Yield

Dutch Treat strain seeds have a short flowering period, flourishing in 8-10 weeks with indoor yields between 340-450 grams per square meter. Although not the highest yielding, these auto plants can produce 110-220 grams per plant with extra time and effort.

Buy Dutch Treat Strain Marijuana Seeds

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Dutch Treat Strain Specifications

Strain Dominant – Mostly Indica

THC Level – 10-15%

CBD Level – 0.20%

Flowering Time – 8 to 10 weeks