Azura Haze and Amnesia Haze create a winning mixture in this extreme Sativa-dominant medicinal strain the CB Dutch Treat Marijuana Seeds. This gives a piney and spicy taste and can relieve pain and will offer a high that is both euphoric and energetic. This is an ideal strain during day time because it helps the consumer feel creative, focused, and happy. CB Dutch Treat Marijuana Seeds can reach up to 4 feet or more, with slender and long leaves. Huge light-green flowers and matures in 9 – 10 weeks.

More About CB Dutch Treat Feminized Marijuana

CD Dutch Treat marijuana seeds originated in Iberian country of Spain. This sativa-dominant strain is a perfect choice if you’re a newbie in cannabis growing because it is quite easy to cultivate. This plant yields an abundant amount of only the dankest buds and can thrive both outdoor and indoor.

CB Dutch Treat cannabis seeds have a low THC level with only 4% and high in CBD that is 8%, which indicates this is a great choice if you’re looking for a medical marijuana strain to light up or cook into some edibles. Generally, the effect of this strain is very strong, which is not shocking considering its genetics.

Generally, the impact of CB Dutch Treat marijuana seeds is mainly euphoric, uplifting, and energetic. This is a perfect smoke when you’re feeling kind of sluggish and could use an energy boost. With regard to medicinal use, this plant helps relieve pain by calming you body and leaving you feeling refreshed and cool.

Because of its low THC content, you can guarantee that it is not a psychedelic strain. If you are after medicinal cannabis clearly for the medical effect, it is one of your best alternatives.

Taste and Aroma of CB Dutch Treat Feminized CBD/Medical

When we talk about the aroma and taste of the CB Dutch Treat Marijuana Seeds, you could assume several fascinating notes. The aroma of this strain gives some hints of fruit, blueberry, sweet and pine aromas. These tastes are very similar as well, with a fascinating mixture of sweet, woody, pine, earthy, and fruity tones. This indicates that if you’re searching for strain that would not just allure your palates but would also move your senses because of its aroma and taste, then there is no confusion that the CB Dutch Treat Marijuana Seeds is a great alternative that you could include in your long list of amazing choices.