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CB Diesel Strain Marijuana Seeds

The most therapeutic CBD strain ever created!

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CB Diesel strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid with a unique taste profile and thick buds that are long and elegant but enormous. Its high is bright, making it ideal for individuals looking for a medicinal twist to their smoke. Additionally, it has remarkably high amounts of CBD. Patients have reported that this strain helps them relax without being overly dizzy.

  • 30% Indica 70% Sativa
  • CBD levels at 20%
  • Mood-enhancing and energetic effects await
  • Easy to grow
  • Yields around 350 grams indoors and 450 grams outdoors


About CB Diesel Strain

CB Diesel is a potent all-around strain from the three most prevalent genetics, Sour Diesel, Turbo Diesel, and Harlequin. It has a 20% CBD level with only 0.25% THC content, ideal for beginners and individuals who want little to no THC high effects in their smoke. It also ignites a buzz all over with brief bursts of energy and euphoric emotions. A few puffs, and you’ll feel like socializing and giggling.

CB Diesel strain cannabis seeds are also known to alleviate PTSD symptoms and drift into a sense of calmness and mental delight. Its flavorful combination featuring light pine and citrus notes can assist with stress, pain, tension, inflammation, arthritis, and other diseases. CB Diesel is truly a must-have in every marijuana home garden.

Growing CB Diesel Strain Marijuana Seeds

CBD Diesel strain marijuana seeds inherited their Sativa-like stature and easy-to-grow nature. Indoor growing will need plenty of vertical space since the plant grows to be tall. CBD Diesel has a pleasant light green color and exhibits delicate lines. Its thin and narrow leaves can absorb plenty of sunlight when grown outdoors. Unlike other CBD strains, CBD Diesel CBD takes longer to bloom fully. And while it is not the most productive variety, growers may still expect an impressive yield with regular care.

CB Diesel Strain Marijuana Seeds Flowering and Yield

CB Diesel strain seeds are ready for collection in 9-10 weeks when grown indoors. Plants in controlled environments can produce around 350 grams of chunky frosty buds per square meter, while outdoor-grown plants can yield up to 450 grams per plant of beautiful buds.

Buy CB Diesel Strain Marijuana Seeds

When you buy marijuana seeds, we at Queen Seeds guarantee to provide you with excellent quality CB Diesel strain CBD seeds in the market. Our seed company is committed to providing our customers with excellent-quality marijuana seeds with high germination success. So, get yourself a pack of CB Diesel and start growing!


CB Diesel Strain Specifications

Strain Dominant – Mostly Sativa

THC Level – 0.25%

CBD Level – 20%

Flowering Time – 9 to 10 weeks