CBD is the only strain that has Cannabidiol content of up to 20% with a minimum quantity of THC of not more than 1%. Taken from origin strains and cross breed with Sour Diesel, the CB Diesel Marijuana Seeds is used for the manufacturing of concentrates and other medicinal extractions for both commercial and individuals looking for medicinal relief from the properties of CBD.

More About CB Diesel CBD Feminized

CB Diesel Marijuana Seeds is a beautiful all-purpose cannabis strain. It is a Sativa-dominant hybrid. It’s three largest components of its genetic makeup are Harlequin, Turbo Diesel, and Sour Diesel.

When we talk about strength, CB Diesel is a cannabis strain that boasts 20% CBD and less than 0.25% THC. With the higher CBD component compared to THC, this cannabis strain is a great starter for marijuana novices with regard to those who like little or no THC high impacts after smoking.

This cannabis strain was reported by patients to do amazing work in calming with no heavy sedation. Still,l its uplifting characteristics help in increasing energy, enhancing mood, while boosting overall performance, particularly in social set up.

Normally, the uplifting impact of this cannabis strain shows first, then is followed by a relaxing feeling. The mood-enhancing qualities of CB Diesel Marijuana Seeds also help individuals who might be dealing with depression. Its calming impact is efficient once used to treat health issues like anxiety, stress, ADD, ADHD, and PTSD.


CB Diesel Marijuana Seeds has a light pale green shade with orange hairs the peek between the crack of the buds, adding to the grace of its slender, narrow shape. Its buds are ice-covered above with sticky crystals (trichomes) and this has an evergreen aroma with lasting undertones of sweet tropical fruits.

Growing Information

Growing Difficulty: Moderate
Medium: Soil
Flowering Time: 63 Days
Outdoor Finish: OutdoorFinish
Height: Medium
Average Yield: Medium
Environment: Greenhouse