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CB Cheese Strain CBD Marijuana Seeds

Cheesiest and most therapeutic strain ever!

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The CB Cheese strain is a quick-flowering medicinal CBD strain ideal for novice growers since it’s simple to grow. This well-known Indica-dominant European cannabis is known for its cheesy flavor. CB Cheese Auto is an excellent strain for both experienced and novice smokers because of its perfect balance and soothing qualities. It’s also fantastic for use throughout the day to keep you going.

  • 75% Indica 15% Sativa 10% Ruderalis
  • THC levels at 8%
  • Calming and relaxing effects
  • Easy to grow
  • Yields around 250 grams indoors and 150 grams outdoors


About CB Cheese Strain

The CB Cheese strain marijuana seeds are famous Indica varieties with 75% Indica, 15% Sativa, and 10% Ruderalis. Its THC: CBD ratio is 1:1, making it the ultimate medicinal strain for many cannabis patients in the 420 community. Its 8% THC is perfect for first-time users and those with low THC tolerance.

CB Cheese is famed for its higher CBD levels, reaching up to 8%. Its soothing effects are known to take away stress and pain. A small dose of this cheesy marijuana will make you say goodbye to anxieties and worries and say hello to hours of euphoria. So, if you need a lift on a gloomy day, take a joint or two of CB Cheese with you.

Growing CB Cheese Strain Marijuana Seeds

CB Cheese is a short and stocky plant that produces dense, sticky buds covered in trichomes. This hybrid is best for newbie growers since it is pretty easy to grow, while its genetic parents passed on their resiliency against pests and mold. The aroma of this strain is intense yet cheesy, with hints of skunk. CB Cheese strain seeds do well in both indoor and outdoor settings. If you’re new to growing cannabis, purchasing a few of these first will help you ease into the more difficult CBD strains.

CB Cheese Strain Marijuana Seeds Flowering and Yield

CB Cheese is a high-yielding cannabis plant that can produce up to 250 grams of cheese-flavored buds per square meter when grown indoors. When grown outdoors, the plant can generate yields weighing up to 150 grams per plant. Planting a few CB Cheese strain cannabis seeds is an investment in your future, and you will thank yourself for that.

Buy CB Cheese Strain Marijuana Seeds

When you buy marijuana seeds, we at Queen Seeds guarantee to provide you with excellent quality CB Cheese strain CBD seeds in the market. Our seed company is committed to providing our customers with excellent-quality marijuana seeds with high germination success. So, get yourself a pack of CB Cheese and start germinating!


CB Cheese Strain Specifications

Strain Dominant – Mostly Indica

THC Level – 8%

CBD Level – 8%

Flowering Time – 8 weeks