The CB Cheese Marijuana Seeds is a fast-flowering medicinal CBD strain that has come in Cheese form. This well-known European cannabis strain is famous for its cheesy qualities and has now become feminized autoflowering gold. We have lowered the THC to 8% and upped the CBD to 8% so you’ll get a 1:1 ratio to this fast-flowering strain, Indica-dominant cannabis strain.

More About CB Autoflower Cheese

This cannabis strain is perfect for newbie growers because it is quite easy to grow. It survives in both outdoor and indoor growing environments. If you’re new in growing marijuana, you might want to get yourself a few of these before moving to difficult growing CBD strains.

The CB Cheese Marijuana Seeds is a high-yielding plant that arises from the UK. This cannabis strain contains 15% Sativa, 10% Ruderalis, and 75% Indica, this cannabis strain gives a kind of high that is one of a kind to its class. This has been all over the place for a while now but remains a well-loved strain. This cannabis strain has relaxing and calming effects. It is great at soothing the body and calming your mind that a lot of users smoke it for medical purposes.

Once grown outdoors, this plant can generate yields weighing up to 150 grams. When grown indoors, the number of yields can reach up to 250 grams. Planting a single CB Cheese Cannabis Seeds is an investment to your future self would thank you for that.

This cannabis plant is for growers who could use its powerful calming impacts. Nevertheless, whether you grow for personal or commercial use, having this baby at your disposal arrives with a lot of advantages that are rare to find in many other strains.

Medicinal Application

CB Cheese Marijuana Seeds starts with potent Indica effect which has strong relaxing characteristics aid in relieving stress, pain relief, stress regulation, and appetite regulation. Put in small doses, a light euphoria gives relief from anxiety and depression, while in higher dosage it could relieve insomnia by generating sedation.

This cannabis strain has a cheese, Musk, Sour, Earth, Sweet, Herbal scent.