Blueberry marijuana seeds may be famous for its absorbing taste and scent, but this strain is more than just its terpenes. Even though practically a hybrid, Blueberry is a strong Indica that provides a euphoric high. Blueberry is among the most acquired marijuana strains in the medicinal marijuana industry. It’s definitely a blueberry flavor, long-lasting effects and colorful hues that make it famous everywhere it grows. It is not too hard to grow Blueberry cannabis seeds; nonetheless, you would need to give your plant plenty of room for the best outcomes.

Blueberry Strain Origin

The Blueberry marijuana seeds originated from the 1970s’ by combining three various landrace cannabis stairs. It is not surprising that this strain was such a success since the parents are all sort of the most potent cannabis strains you could find on the market today.

Blueberry was first crossed by DJ Short in America coming from Afghani Indica, Purple Thai Sativa, and Thai Sativa.

Growing Blueberry Marijuana Feminized Seeds

Blueberry marijuana seeds are feminized seeds. Female cannabis plants, compared to male cannabis plants, are the ones that usually generates weed. They begin flowering once they receive lesser light each day, for example, in the Fall or once you manipulate the light cycle indoors.

Blueberry marijuana seeds grow into dense, fat cannabis plants with purple, red, and later blue colors. This cannabis plant could grow tall, but also it tends to grow wider and needs a lot of space to thrive.

Flowering & Yield

Blueberry marijuana seeds would flower the quickest once grown indoors. On standard, the flowering would just take about 9 weeks. At harvesting, you could yield around 18 ounces of usable marijuana per square meter. Although, much of it would be removed by your available space, as these plants would need it to reach their maximum potential.

While in an outdoor setup, the yields could be greater. Although, this would be based on the environment. If you have mild winters and a lot of suns you can yield around 25 ounces each plant and harvest approximately in mid-October.

Blueberry Marijuana Taste & Smell

Blueberry marijuana seeds are famous for their aroma and sweet flavor. After each smoke. You will notice a hint of earthly-pine persisting in the air. Your mouth would water with expectancy for the flavor of juicy blueberries. And as the name suggests, this cannabis strain also tastes like fresh, ripe blueberry. Be prepared for a taste explosion of fresh fruit and vanilla as you give way in the sticky Blueberry buds.

Uses for the Blueberry Strain

Blueberry marijuana seeds is an extremely relaxing Indica-dominant cannabis strain. Even though it might not cause a couch-locking effect, it would eliminate most barriers to falling asleep. For individuals who have trouble relaxing, this cannabis strain could help them finally reach much-needed rest, credits to its standard THC content.

Relaxing of the body is not the only advantageous quality of this cannabis strain. Blueberry also relaxed the mind. Even if it’s constant pain, stress, or a general unease, this Indica strong hybrid is ideal at lifting the pressure so that you could enjoy your day. Many individuals have consumed this cannabis strain to handle everything from everyday pain like muscle spasms. Headaches to lifelong problems like anxiety and migraines.

Blueberry marijuana seeds could also escalate appetite, so it’s perfect for those times when you need to eat, but don’t feel like eating.

Blueberry Statistics

20% Sativa hybrid, 80% Indica
Feminized seeds for guaranteed results
Great for growing outdoors
Delicious flavor strain
Delivers a relaxing high perfect for unwinding