Black Indica marijuana seeds are perfect for socializing and relaxing activities. This cannabis strain is a stocky and short plant with large leaves that is perfect for medical usages like relieving mild pain and insomnia. It has a moderate content of THC and a relaxing high, this quick done Indica is perfect for newbies. Black Indica marijuana seeds are very easy to grow and can survive both outdoors and indoor settings.

All About Black Indica Strains

Black Indica seeds originated from Spain and an outcome of two of the powerful and most potent marijuana strains the Afghan and Pure Kush strains. With a short flowering time of about 8 weeks, the Black Indica strain has a very high yield. When grown indoors its yield can reach up to 400grams, while when grown outdoors its yield can reach up to 200 grams.

This isn’t an exceptionally hard plant to care for. You could expect a higher yield just by securing a good growing state.

This cannabis strain has a moderate content of THC with just 12.94% and a high enough percentage of CBD with just 2.5%. Possessing a domesticated Indica effect, this is the kind of cannabis strain you hit when you want to relax while still being able to interact with your friends and family. There’s no psychedelic and a couch-locking impact.

Having its higher CBD%, medicinal cannabis patients sometimes revolve to Black Indica to find ease from mild body pain and fight insomnia. This cannabis strain is good at attacking parts of the body that are encountering mild aching sensations and generate a nice energizing effect. Either you are searching for medical effects or just want to have a good time while doing your chores, usually, this is a perfect strain to grow in your room.

Black Indica Statistics

Growing: Easy to Moderate
Flowering Time: 8 Weeks
Indica/Sativa: 80% Indica
Effect: Relaxing High
THC: Moderate (14 to17%)
CBD: 0.25%
CBN: 0.10%
Yield: up to 400 grams indoor
Genetics: Pure Kush and Afghan