Afghani marijuana seeds have a short flowering time and high yield because of its limited size, this strain also is the desire for commercial growth because they could provide big quantities in a short period of time that mean more money.

Afghan marijuana seeds can manage a number of stresses and are disease and mold resistant so just assure it is very perfect for newbies, they could afford to make errors and this strain adjust well to it.

All About Afghani Strains

Individuals who suffer from insomnia find Afghana strain a perfect treatment to relieve stress and pain and put them to sleep. The aroma spreads while blooming could be noted as a marijuana flavor combined with a light citrus scent. When you hit the properly dried buds you will eventually taste a strong taste while the smoke is dense and soft. The effect you get could be explained as stoned and narcotic, an extreme couch-lock would keep you acquaintance.

It is an Indica-dominant marijuana strain that is able to reach a height of around 35 – 50 cms and generates more than 350 grams of buds per plant. The THC level of Afghani marijuana seeds is normally around 15% – 20%, but it provides entire body buzz once medicated on.

Normally, Afghani marijuana seeds generate powerful plants with stems and they could easily survive both outdoors and indoors setup.

The huge and round shaded leaves sprouted by them mainly coated the whole plant. In terms of approximately 8 – 9 weeks, one could see the plants growing sticky and bid buds that are packed with resin.

The little sized, abundant yield and short flowering time make this strain a famous choice among the commercial growers because they provide big quantities in a short period of time, which makes them more profitable business-wise. Aside from the regular commercial growers, even the newbies begin their marijuana growing business with seeds like Afghani marijuana seeds as they’re competent in battling stress, diseases, and mold all by itself, giving less of a problem to the growers. In other words, the newbie growers could afford to make mistakes and still escape with a good yield.

The thick and round leaves have thick buds next to them. You might not see too many crystals in these cannabis plants but still, they provide rich and smooth hash-like smoke, enjoyed by the marijuana lovers. They thrive well in mountainous regions, which also is evident from its past.

During the growing phase, you could smell the usual odor of a marijuana plant that is mixed with the light smell of citrus to them.