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Afghan Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds

A pure Indica with uninterrupted relaxation and happiness

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Afghan strain seeds grow into bushy plants and produce big, aromatic buds known for their uplifting, stress-relieving properties. Users report a powerful physical buzz while enjoying a euphoric aftertaste and feel sedated after a few hours, while marijuana growers claim it’s an incredibly uncomplicated plant to grow, even for novices.

  • 100% Indica
  • THC content at 20%
  • Indulge pleasure in its relaxing, happy, and euphoric effects
  • Easy growing difficulty
  • 450 grams indoor yields / 500-600 grams outdoor yields


About Afghan Strain

The Afghan strain originates from the Hindu Kush mountain range near the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan. It is a direct descendant of the landrace parent strain Afghani and is native to Pakistan and Afghanistan. For centuries, it has been grown for its potent hash-producing qualities. Afghan Feminized is a sought-after Indica strain because of its strong relaxing effects. Seasoned smokers advise that you do your day’s activities ahead of time before taking a hit. Its 20% THC content and sedative qualities will keep you immobile for 2-3 hours, while a higher dose will result in a long and profound sleep.

It is best to smoke Afghan with caution, especially if you’re a new user of Indica strains. Keep your doses small and slowly increase the amount as you get used to its effects. It will help avoid any headaches or dizziness. Also, users report that Afghan makes you want some snacks while on high, so make sure you have some on hand in case you need them.

Growing Afghan Strain Marijuana Seeds

Afghan strain cannabis seeds are easy to grow for beginners and experts alike because these weed seeds come from plants that initially grew in mountainous regions, meaning they are very resilient. The strain is specifically known for its ability to adapt to new environments quickly.

Afghan cannabis seeds grow short bushy plants that may reach 60 centimeters tall when grown indoors. They can also develop into fast-flowering plants coated with resin when grown outdoors. It’s a shrubby, leafy cannabis variety, so growers must prune and trim their plants more often. Remove any undesirable, yellowing, and dead leaves to help the plant mature into a healthy source of potent buds.

Afghan Strain Marijuana Seeds Flowering and Yield

Afghan strain cannabis seeds are known to produce a high number of resin-rich buds. When grown indoors, expect your plants to flower 8-10 weeks into growth. Under the right circumstances, you can expect almost 450 grams per square meter indoors. However, should you opt to grow this strain outdoors in sunny weather, yields may surpass those from an indoor setup. By October, outdoor growers expect the harvest to reach around 500-600 grams per plant.

Buy Afghan Strain Marijuana Seeds

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Afghan Strain Specifications

Strain Dominant – Pure Indica

THC Level – 20%

CBD Level – 0.2%

Flowering Time – 8 to 10 weeks