5 High CBD Marijuana Strains with Low THC

Though having a high THC marijuana strains can get you to enjoy the psychoactive effects, there is an increasing number of individuals that are now getting the benefits of high CBD strains for medical purposes. To some people, CBD has become a crucial deciding factor when choosing their medicine. However,

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Best Strains for Female Arousal

It is no easy task to determine which strains are best for the bedroom for females. Primarily because every sexual encounter is unique, even if this is with the same partner. However, with many claims, introducing Cannabis into your sex lives can really amp up your game. So, let's try

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Best Strains for Male Arousal

In this article, we will tackle the best strains for male arousal that are known today. It’s no myth that Marijuana if properly taken can truly add some spice into your love life. With the rise in use due to the chain of legalizations, many people are exploring this aspect

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Cannabis Use and Older Adults

The recent legalization of Marijuana use both medically and recreationally in many states has led to the increase in interest for using weed to treat a variety of health conditions that are long term including its symptoms among older adults which are also new users by the way. In this

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Benefits of Cannabis Tincture

One of the oldest methods of concentrating chemical compounds of plants for medicine is by making tinctures out of them. This has been made through the history of man, creating different extracts with benefits from a wide array of plants, and surely this includes our beloved Cannabis. By tradition, tinctures

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Benefits Of Using CBD Oil On Neuropathy

In America alone, an estimated 20 million people are struggling with neuropathy, a medical condition due to damage to the nerves of our peripheral nervous system. This is our internal communication network located between the brain and the rest of the body through our spinal column. The National Institute of

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Benefits of CBD Oil for Equine

To even start knowing the benefits of CBD oil for Equine? We need to understand some things first. Generally, there is no need to get any specific CBD oil that is branded for horses specifically as all CBD that is known to work well with humans will surely work well

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Let’s Celebrate Canada Day with Cannabis!

Cannabis or Marijuana day was always been the perfect day for all of the proud Canna-dians out there! This year there was double to celebrate because it is also Canada’s 153rd birthday. With the second Canada Day after the marijuana legalization has been approved, Canadians may be seeing commemoration smoke

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