Cannabis or Marijuana day was always been the perfect day for all of the proud Canna-dians out there! This year there was double to celebrate because it is also Canada’s 153rd birthday.

With the second Canada Day after the marijuana legalization has been approved, Canadians may be seeing commemoration smoke clouds that would fill up the air today!

A recent survey ordered by Leafy showed that 6 million Canadians are planning to use cannabis on this Canada Day. Conducted by Maru and Blue, the survey questioned 1,513 randomly picked Canadian adults whether or they’re not planning to use cannabis during the Canada Day long weekend and 21% said yes.

Celebrate Canada Day with Cannabis!

Who Would Be Consuming Marijuana this Canada Day?

As usual, fewer women and more men are anticipated to use cannabis this weekend. Survey results appear one over four male respondents, or 25%, are planning to use marijuana, compared to just 16% of women.

Millennials, described in the survey as aged 18 – 34 are assumed to account for the biggest part of the long weekend consumers at 33%. Generation X, aged 35 – 54, are anticipated to come in second at 24%, and Baby Boomers, aged 55 – 74, would be bringing up to the rear with only 8%.

By region, it shows that people in Atlantica and Alberta Canada would be having the most marijuana fun, with 25% of respondents having plans to consume, followed by British Columbia at 22% Ontario at 21%. On the lower end, Saskatchewan accounts for just only 13% of those in the province planning to use marijuana.

How do survey results compare to the national numbers?

Although a hike in marijuana use could safely be predicted this Canada day, the Leafly results aren’t far off from those in The National Cannabis Survey.

Statistics for the first quarter of 2019, released by Statistics Canada in early May, appears that about 5.3 million or 18% of Canadians aged 15 years and older have used cannabis since February 2018.

The Cannabis Figures Hub notes the following:

  • 22.3% of marijuana users are male, while 12.7% are female;
  • those aged 15 – 24 account for 29.5% of users, and those 25 – 34 makeup 28.7%, those 35 – 44 comprise 18.8%,
  • those 45 – 54 represent 12.5%, those 55 – 64 account for 15.3% and those 65 and older make up 4.4%;
  • Atlantic Canada reports for around 17.6% of marijuana users, Alberta for 21.5%, British Columbia for 19.1% and Ontario for 20.0%.

While the Leafly survey didn’t ask respondents about methods of usage, it’s expected that the majority of those who plan to use cannabis would smoke it. Consuming edibles and vaping are likely to be less usual this Canada Day.

If you’re one of the estimated 6 million Canadians who are planning to consume cannabis this long weekend, remember to stay safe, follow authorities and have fun!