We all know the fact that cannabis can make everything better. It always, never fail to make us feel good. This is also true when it comes to sex or intimacy. For over a thousand years now, marijuana is known for its libido-boosting effects making sex more fun and pleasurable. Both weed and sex increase dopamine levels and making it a match made in heaven. When you and your partner figure out the best strains to use, your sex life will surely change for the better. Some effects for marijuana that makes sex even better is that it is an aphrodisiac. With the right dose, a dash of flirtation and a little sexy talk, good foreplay is sure to happen. Marijuana also lowers inhibitions. It makes one think freely and gives a feeling of confidence. It also helps women have mind-blowing orgasms. Now let us see and know more about the Best Strains for Healthier Sex Life!

Best Strains for Healthier Sex Life

Let us gather the best strains for sex and choose what works best for you and your partner:

  1. Super Sour Diesel – Awaken your senses for pleasure with this Sativa dominant strain. It delivers an energizing effect and maintains a dreamy, relaxing cerebral state, making you feel present to make the moves. Super Sour Diesel has become one of the best sex strains in the market today.
  2. Granddaddy Purple – is an indica dominant strain that offers a divine body relaxation, perfect for bedroom tricks that include sensitive bodily feelings. It has sweet berries and grapes after taste that hits both body and mind making it one of the best strains for sex.
  3. Dream Queen – is a perfect aphrodisiac as it enhances imagination for one hot sex. This Sativa dominant strain will give you the stamina to last all night. It gives subtle earthy notes and candied fruits flavor, making you feel the love all night long.
  4. Ultimate Trainwreck – is another very good strain and an excellent sex partner. This Sativa-dominant strain will not disappoint as it gives a pulsing sense of euphoria, which increases with sex. This strain will make both you and your partner have a mind-blowing orgasm that will be hard to erase from your memory.
  5. Jack Herrer – is a perfect strain to skyrocket arousal. This strain gives simultaneous relaxation and mental buzz making you feel alive and creative. Fantasies and foreplay will be over the top with this strain.

One of the most rewarding effects of smoking weed before sex is that it can help you stay in that moment. In addition, its ability to increase a woman’s libido, you are surely in for one hot hell of a night. Experimenting with your partner on the way you consume the weed is also one factor that makes it thrilling. You can either smoke, vape or eat through marijuana edibles depending on what works for you. Visit the dispensary together and try out one strain at a time.

A person’s sex drive varies from one another. Others may lose the drive or lessen maybe, because of health issues and mental issues. While others may simply lose their sex drive because of ageing. Good thing there is medical marijuana that can help us regain what was lost. Both indica and Sativa strains are best for sex. Just keep In mind to take just the right hits and dosage for a healthier sex life ahead!