From small common illnesses like insomnia to major conditions such as cancer, the use of medical marijuana has been a hot topic among researchers and stoners all together. Because of the many reports that claim the effectiveness of marijuana in treating certain conditions, the option of resorting to medical cannabis has been growing more common with each passing day. Many kinds of research are dedicated to studying the exact benefits and health impacts that cannabis really has, but this does not stop people from consuming it for health purposes. One such condition that people nowadays have is bipolar disorder. So, what are the Best Marijuana Strains for Treating Bipolar Disorder?

Now, this disorder is based mainly on the psychological aspects of a person’s brain. This fact alone gives it a direct connection to the possible effects that marijuana has for treating this condition. So people start to wonder: Does marijuana really have any scientific effects with treating bipolar disorders?

Bipolar disorders are usually characterized by changing behaviors and constant mood swings. The behaviors demonstrated may range from feeling low or depressed to feeling hyper or angry. This is mainly caused by the imbalance of hormones in a person’s body.  It is one of the most common mental disorders in the world today and many people have resorted to the use of marijuana in its treatment. Because the consumption of marijuana causes the cannabinoids found in the marijuana plant to act as a therapeutic solution, many researchers believe that cannabis does, in fact, help reduce the possibility of developing bipolar disorders. Some symptoms of bipolarity are depression, anxiety, stress, eating and sleeping disorders, etc. Marijuana has been known to help treat all these conditions.

Is it safe to use marijuana as a treatment for bipolar disorders? Because having bipolar episodes may greatly affect the way a person functions in his daily activities, many researchers have been done to find any treatment possible for this condition. Because marijuana has also been noted to have a lot of negative effects, a lot of people ask just how to use marijuana for this type of condition. To be frank, there really is no solid scientific evidence to back up this claim as of now if compared to treating other conditions such as anxiety or even cancer. When deciding to use marijuana for bipolar disorder treatment, it must be met with responsibility on how to deal with the effects that come with this method.

Best Marijuana Strains for Treating Bipolar Disorder


  1. Jack Herer – A common strain that is used often for mental health disorders and other medical purposes, Jack Herer is popular for giving an uplifting and happy high by those who consume it. It lowers the mental disorder and helps improve the mood of the users. It also provides a boost of energy for those patients who experience fatigue when having bipolar episodes.
  2. Blue Dream – Considered by many as the ideal strain for improving a person’s mood, this type of marijuana first came to be by crossing the Blueberry Indica with the Super Silver Haze strain. It is used by stoners when they want to chill and get a more relaxing type of high rather than feeling buzzed up and energetic. The light state that this strain puts you in is recommended for bipolar patients. And because of the sweet flavors and aromatic smell, it is an easy way of putting off any negative feels in a person.
  3. Super Sour OG – Did that bipolar disorder get you feeling down and depressed? This Super Sour OG strain can help elevate your mood. With a citrus flavor that is dominantly sour, this type of weed gives you an uplifting buzz that helps even the most depressed people smile. Mainly used for medical purposes connected to anxiety and depression, it is also a common strain for dealing with bipolar disorders.