THC wax is a type of marijuana concentrate named predominantly for its texture and appearance. Somewhere between liquid and gooey concentrates such as solid and hash oil, fragile concentrates such as shatter, wax have a cloudy appearance, and a dense but malleable, wax-like consistency. There are a few options for us to Smoke THC Wax the Right Way. Based on variables like extraction method, temperature, and moisture, it could take on a number of different forms varying from runny wax to more solid brittle wax, and more liquid. The runny end of the wax scale involves products like “budder” that is known for being very squishy and malleable, close to the point of being a very dense oil. The solid end of the war scale includes things such as “crumble” and “honeycomb” that are beginning to reach the consistency and texture of something like shatter.

Despite these variations, all wax concentrates fall anywhere in between shatter and oil. For many users, this middle point makes wax particularly easy to work with not so brittle that you take the risk of breaking it into tons of hard and small pieces just to use it while not being so liquefied that it is hard to scoop up and operate onto a dab nail.

Smoke THC Wax the Right Way

Smoking THC Wax

Smoking THC wax is easy-to-use and unique texture makes it a very flexible concentrate. You could smoke wax in different ways, including :

Dab Rig

Make use of your blow torch to heat the nail to the temperature you want. Keep in mind, the hotter the temperature generates the harder-hitting vapors, which also tend to be a little harsh on the taste, while lower temperature tends to give you a gentler cloud of vapor with much-unmixed taste.

When you have got the nail heated to the correct temperature, make use of a dabber to scoop up a small drop of wax. Roll out the wax all over the hot nail and begin drawing in via mouthpiece. If you are using a sweetener cap, put it over the top of the nail while consistently drawing in with your lungs. Once you’re prepared to take your hit, raise the carp cap, and clear the mist from the rig.

Nectar Collector

To use wax with a nectar collector, make sure you have a clean place on which it rolls out the wax. Since you will be dealing with hotter temperature, make sure it is also a heatproof skin deep. The perfect alternatives are dishes and trays designed particularly for this kind of dabbing. Normally, these products are made out of glass, silicone quartz, or other same products.

Begin by putting a small dab of wax into the dish or tray. Now make use of the blowtorch to warm up the nail of the nectar collector to the temperature you wanted. Once it is hot, place your lipids on a mouthpiece, start to inhale, also draw the hot nail across the wax. The moment the nail touches the wax, it would immediately vaporize. Make sure you are pulling in with your lungs the entire time so you inhale all the vapor without allowing any escape.


The procedure of dabbing with an e-nail is close to the same as using wax with a regular dab rig. The main difference is, rather than manually heating you with a blowtorch, you will make use of an e-nail to electronically heat your nail.

When your rig is organized and prepared, use your e-nail’s border to put in the temperature you wanted. The moment the nail is heated, scoop up a dab of wax and roll out onto the nail as you start to inhale. If you are using a sweetener cap, put it above the nail. Once you are prepared to take a hit, detach the sweetener cap and clean the chamber.

Concentrate Vaporizer

There are numbers of various concentrate vaporizers presently in the market, and the particular steps for utilizing them change slightly depending on the vaporizer you are using. So make sure you quite familiar yourself with your vaporizer prior to using it.

Generally, the procedure of smoking wax with a vaporizer involves resting a dab of wax into a heating chamber or rolling out onto heating coils. After that, you will turn the vaporizer on, put in the temperature you wanted, let the apparatus heat up, and then use the mouthpiece to inhale the vapor being generated inside the apparatus.

Side Effects of Smoking THC Wax

  • A weakening of the immune system
  • Maximum irritation of the airways causing narrowing and spasms
  • Infections such as sinusitis, asthma, and bronchitis
  • Rise of blood pressure and heart rate that could end up in strokes
  • Anxiety
  • Loss of concentration and a weakened capability to remember things (wet brain)
  • Physical subordination on marijuana concentrates that leads to tolerance (means larger and more frequent dosage of Shatter would be required in order to feel the same effects)
  • Problems sleeping or sleep disorders