Though having a high THC marijuana strains can get you to enjoy the psychoactive effects, there is an increasing number of individuals that are now getting the benefits of high CBD strains for medical purposes. To some people, CBD has become a crucial deciding factor when choosing their medicine. However, there are so many strains to choose from that it can get hard to choose which one.

This article will talk about which weed strain is high in CBD and low THC based on the research of several different sources that are making use of popular CBD strains available on the market.

Going through the different strains of marijuana can become an ongoing work, you may want to go through the different strains you will find in this site with the most updated data.

CBD-dominant phenotypes are somewhat a relatively new addition in the marijuana industry; so you can expect to see more of these types of cultivars in the future.

Overview of CBD

CBD or cannabidiol is the main compound found in cannabis. This compound has no psychoactivity. In layman’s terms, it has no mind=altering component. In fact, CBD comes in different formats and can be extracted from both types of cannabis (this is the marijuana and hemp).

This compound is used mainly for medical purposes. A number of cannabis smokers/users that want the benefits of CBD may want to opt for an equal ratio of THC and CBD. CBD is known to counter the effect of the THC component.

Overview of THC

This is another chemical compound that is commonly found in cannabis and its official name is Delta 9 Tetrahydrocannabinol. In fact, this is just one of the 100+ known cannabinoids present in Cannabis sativa. The THC binds to the receptors on the brain and the central nervous system. This is the compound that has the psychoactive effects that the marijuana is most famous for.

The THC compound can result in a variety of short-term soothing effects and can vary from one individual to the next. Its effects can include calmness, reduction of anxiety, and euphoria. Another effect of this is an increase in appetite or they call it, “the munchies”. The person can also experience the “couch lock”.

CBD and the Medical Conditions with Low THC Strains

The CPD compound can affect the body in a certain way, but there are various ways that the CBD can be consumed. CBD can be either taken: orally, topically applied, or inhaled/vaporized. CBD edibles and the oil tinctures are becoming popular these days in consuming the cannabinoid.

The most common use of CBD is to stop the chronic pain and be able to reduce the prescription dependency and over-the-counter medication. In one specific study done by Xiong et al., it is found out that CBD significantly reduced the chronic pain in rats and mice. Furthermore, they concluded that the CBD can treat chronic pains and is currently used to treat certain conditions such as multiple sclerosis & fibromyalgia.

Effects of CBD

CBD is thought to be a viable method in treating chronic pain such as arthritis. CBD was applied to lab rats in gel form for 4 days and each of these dosages have been increased each day and then it was said that the rats experienced reduced pain overall as well as the inflammation in their affected joints, which showed no side effects.

A high CBD with low THC strain called the “Charlotte’s web” that was used in the treatment for pediatric seizures. The CBD compound has helped decrease the frequency of the seizures in most children that eventually got incorporated into a pharmaceutical treatment called Epidiolex.

CBD Treatment for Anxiety Disorders

People suffering from anxiety and stress would prefer CBD that is the preferred form of cannabis treatment. The high THC strains can release the feelings of paranoia. According to the study in 2015 done by Blessing et al., that CBD was said to be an effective treatment for those who are suffering from anxiety disorders.

Here is a list of anxiety disorders that the CBD treatment can assist in:

  • Post traumatic stress disorders (PTSD)
  • Social anxiety disorders
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorders (OCD)
  • Panic disorders
  • General anxiety disorders

Researchers are yet to discover any serious side effects of the consumption of CBD.

Top 5 Popular High CBD with Low THC Strains

1. ACDC: This strain is said to be a 50-50 hybrid that has one of the highest CBD:THC ratios available. You can extract about 20% CBD component of ACDC, while some contain 6% of THC; it is possible to extract with as little as 0.42%. It is said that the ACDC strain leads to a strong feeling of euphoria, which makes the user feeling calm and happy. This is good for daytime use because this can help the user be more focused on their work and can increase sociability.

Good for: anxiety, bipolar disorders, migraines, inflammation, nausea, neuropathy, and arthritis.

2. Charlotte’s Web: The most famous strain with an indica dominant of 60% and this was the focus of a bid to legalize the high CBD strains. The CBD oil content is 20% from Charlotte’s web, which is extremely low in THC and can be sold nationwide.

Nobody can get “high” in this strain because this does not have any cerebral effect. This is mostly consumed rather than being smoked.

Good for: pediatric seizure disorders such as Dravet’s Syndrome, migraines, fibromyalgia, fatigue, arthritis, and muscle spasms.

3. Ringo’s Gift: This strain is 60% sativa dominant with a CBD:THC ratio that can go as high as 20:1 – this means that it can go up to 20%CBD and as little as 1% THC. Ringo’s Gift is a cross between that of the ACDC and Harle-Tsu, which are both known for their high CBD compound.

For this type of strain, it has an earthy hash taste and smell. Users tend to have that element of cerebral activity while keeping their body soothed and calm. With the low THC content, the only high you will receive with this is mild but still noticeable. It starts in the head and gradually leads to a buzz in the body that keeps you relaxed, but definitely couch-locked.

Good for: chronic pain, stress, PTSD, stress, gastrointestinal disorder, and also muscle spasms.

4. Harle-Tsu: This is 60% indica dominant strain and is a cross from Sour Tsunami and Harlequin strains; this is also known as the pain-killing marijuana. Its CBD component is 22% and less than 1% on its THC component. This is considered to be a rare bud, but should not be for long as this is becoming more popular.

This strain is mellow, doesn’t give you any mental high, but acts as a pain-killer. At first, you might feel a little buzz behind your eyes, then later on it will slowly make your body relaxed. Some people may feel energized and motivated and is great for daytime use.

Good for: insomnia treatment, inflammation, depression, PTSD, migraines, and PMS.

5. Harlequin: A unique hybrid marijuana strain that is 75% sativa dominant. This has the highest level of THC with a range of 7-15%, but note also the high CBD component of at least 10%. Ideal to use during the day as it keeps your body alert and energetic.

The high THC content is negated by the high CBD component, which makes it ok to smoke this during the day, but just as a side note that it can cause a dry eye as its side effect.

Good for: depression, chronic pain, migraines, stress, PTSD, and inflammation.

As mentioned in the previous articles, there are so many marijuana strains. If you want to get the effect you need, you need to get to know the different strains, its specific medical uses, and when it is ideal to smoke it. However, there are different ways to consume marijuana. This article should guide you on which weed strain is high in CBD and low THC.