CBD Seeds For Sale

Although there’s no actual meaning of CBD strains at present, marijuana strains are typically considered as high in CBD once they have no lease than 5% of CBD. Still, it must be known that this number is nowhere close to what a real CBD cannabis strain is like. Hundreds of CBD strains are now accessible in the market, produced by many growers, and the standard CBD content is at 8 – 12%. Nonetheless, some marijuana growers even take it to a level elevated. Some cannabis strains are now accessible with 18 – 22% of cannabidiol content. Regardless of the idea that high CBD variants are the major preferred for their CBD content, these variants still have an accountable THC content level.

There are some cannabis strains that have low THC content or even less than 1% of THC, while there’s also others with no less than twice the amount, even acquiring up to 5 – 15% of THC. There’s also particular cannabis strains that are high in CBD, THC content reaching up to 25%.