In this article, we will tackle the best strains for male arousal that are known today. It’s no myth that Marijuana if properly taken can truly add some spice into your love life. With the rise in use due to the chain of legalizations, many people are exploring this aspect of it through tinctures, topicals and suppositories even focuseq just for that purpose.

Male arousal issues or concerns may not be as openly discussed compared to other topics but this truth is evident in a lot of men and may need something to tickle that fancy if you know what I mean. To clarify, we are not talking about erectile dysfunction. What this is suggesting is that Marijuana similar to alcohol or any other drug is truly effective in giving that robust and energized physical effect to make a honcho out of you or your partner.

When it comes to Sex and Smoking weed, there are a few special strains that are notably known because of the effects that really bring that wanted libido surging. Of course, every effect is different for every individual but here are some which we can pretty much guarantee as an excellent Kickstarter for that all-night experience.

5 Best Strains for Male Arousal

1.) Mimosa

Mimosa is a dominant Sativa hybrid that is a cross between the Purple punch and the Clementine strain. Its effects are euphoric initially that taper gradually leaving you happy, energized and uplifted throughout. Mimosa has a high THC content of 19 to 22% with super low CBD at .05%. Surely one of the Best male arousal strains out there!

If you are a lightweight, Mimosa strain won’t knock your socks off of you, a similar approach when drinking the mimosa cocktail drink. Surely, this will get your fire started within.

2.) Strawberry Cough

Popular for its sweet scents and fresh strawberry flavors and an expanding effect that can make even a heavy smoker cough, hence the name Strawberry cough. This is a very potent strain with mysterious origins genetically. Its Berry skunky flavors will hit your senses as soon as you smoke it with a cerebral high with uplifting effects that can truly elevate your day. This is a perfect strain for stress as this will make you worry-free and energetic at the same time.

3.) Trainwreck

On top of hitting hard with its potent THC contents, Trainwreck is very well known for subtly altering reality with its mind-bending high, hence the name. But, don’t you worry as this is not going to happen on an extreme level, it’s manageable and usually affects our concept of time and space meaning you are in for a ride! This is not recommendable for day smokers as this will give you a hard time focusing on work but mind you not, because of these effects this is truly effective and conducive for sexual activities as that mind-bending high we mentioned early will really spice things up in the bedroom. Perfect for that end of day smoke as this will also give you this deep calm night’s sleep.

4.) Granddaddy Purple

A Perfect Strain for nighttime smoking, Grand Daddy Purple will hit both your mind and your body initially but it fades into a smooth body high similar to any heavy indica strain. This body effect it brings is perfect for that sedative effect with a calm feeling reason this is perfect for medical use on pain, depression, insomnia and anxiety. Lightweights should be careful as this strain can really pack a powerful kick to it leaving you to an unforgettable experience. Truly is one of the best strains for male arousal in the market today.

5.) Sour Diesel

The effects that you will be getting from Sour Diesel is described to be a quick form of a pleasant and warm head rush and an uplifted mood although out. It’s heady effects lean more on a spacey type than a heavy cerebral one. Consumers will become more talkative when in a group and will deliver hints of introspecting if enjoyed solo. Its soaring high is also hooked with a physically relaxed feeling but this body stone it gives is far from leading to a couch-lock effect so you will not be stunned and sedated ending up staring at a wall. That combination of effects is truly an amazing bedroom experience especially for couples who enjoy smoking weed together. This is also highly recommended for treating mild stress, depression and anxiety as it tends to lead to some associative thoughts together with creativity. Truly one of the best strains for male arousal today.