It is no easy task to determine which strains are best for the bedroom for females. Primarily because every sexual encounter is unique, even if this is with the same partner. However, with many claims, introducing Cannabis into your sex lives can really amp up your game. So, let’s try to discuss and discover together the best strains for female arousal.

There has been a discussion with the same for males and it has rounded out a few strains that are said to be excellent in terms of experience within the walls of the bedroom. There is no difference when it comes to females as the same effects can be expected to transpire but these collections of Marijuana strains below are said to be the best for this job.

Known for their anxiety reducing and relaxing effects these strains have the ability to heighten our senses, which can lead to a mood and enjoyment leading to an awesome path to one’s climactic peak or orgasm. There have been studies that have shown that moderate to low dosing of Cannabis can enhance and increase sexual escapades by increasing the length of orgasms and assisting in bonding between partners. Records have shown that Cannabis has been used as an aphrodisiac since the 7th century.

5 Best Strains for Female Arousal

1.) Green Goddess

Along with its high increase is the feeling of relaxation it brings. Its intense mind stimulation plus its energetic effects are perfect for sex as this will increas the sensation together with the tingling physical high all rounded of with mental clarity and focus. This is perfect for arousal if this allows you to focus on the activity at hand yet all your worries and stresses will surely fade away. Green Goddess is certainly one of the best strains for female arousal out there today!

2.) Alice in Wonderland

A perfect strain for exploring in and out of the bedroom. The Alice in Wonderland strain brings in an intense sensory high that is elevated while accompanied with creativity and euphoria. Ideal treatment for symptoms such as mild stress, depression, pain and fatigue. The sedative effects of this strain will take away the pain and leave you floating and rhythmic with an orgasim waiting for you at the end of that tunnel. Surely, one of the best strains for female arousal available in the market today.

3.) Green Crack

Wanting that all-night love making session with your partner? Then this is the perfect strain for you. This delivers instant energy, joy and a hyper activated focus that if mixed together will definitely pump up that storing sexy vibe that you are longing for that is riddled with playfulness. However, together with its sedated and energetic kick, this may not let you sleep for a few hours after smoking but if you are in for that long cuddling entanglement and erogenotic experience then surely you will be in for a treat! Green Crack is truly an excellent strain for female and male arousal for that matter.

4.) Atomic Northern Lights

Now, if your having issues in the bedroom because you are always stressed out, Distracted or Anxious or whichever negative mood you have that is stopping you from performing your best the the Atomic Northern Lights is the perfect strain for you as this will strike you with a quick rush of happiness and worry free feelings all over while being relaxed and chill all the way through. Plus, this brings in a sociable and talkative high perfect for mingling will melt you physically with that sedated while sensual body high all over. Easily one of the best strains for female arousal ever.

5.) Sour Diesel

This is one of the most popular strains in this list and is a dominant sativa hybrid that delivers a physically sensual shivering effect all through your nerves, turning your skin on a good sensitive state that really tingles you especially if channelled sensually. This brings you to a touchy and flirty high if enjoyed during a sexual activity. This will really drive you through into a sensually activated physical and mental amped up experience that you will never forget.