In America alone, an estimated 20 million people are struggling with neuropathy, a medical condition due to damage to the nerves of our peripheral nervous system. This is our internal communication network located between the brain and the rest of the body through our spinal column. The National Institute of Neurological Disorders says that much likely there are undocumented cases and even misdiagnosis that would bring the numbers a lot higher overall. In this article, We will be discussing CBD and What are the benefits of using CBD Oil on Neuropathy?

Peripheral Neuropathy has several possible causes that include;

  • Trauma or Injury due to Accidents
  • Cancers and Chemo medications
  • Diabetes
  • Autoimmune infections and diseases
  • Vascular and Blood conditions
  • Hormones and Chemical imbalance
  • Liver and Kidney Disorders

These conditions are already a problem on their own and can already be life-consuming to manage. So, imagine if you will have to undergo peripheral neuropathy with them as well. Life quality of those affected people with the conditions above is already affected heavily and surely adding this type of neuropathy in the mix won’t make anything better but only worsen everything else.

What are the Benefits of Using CBD Oil on Neuropathy?

When you think you are experiencing this condition, the first step is to go for a check-up to identify and treat the underlying causes of it. This is one way to alleviate the worst effects that Neuropathy has. There are other options as well that are being practiced today by utilizing mechanical aides like foot and hand braces, drugs and medications, going through a series of nerve stimulation sessions or worse is surgery.

But, today a lot of people who are undergoing the negative impacts of neuropathy are choosing to dive into and engage with alternative and complementary medications. This includes massages, acupuncture, Cognitive therapies and Herbal medications where CBD is part of.

What is CBD Oil and How does it work?

CBD stands for Cannabidiol. A chemical compound found in the Cannabis plant that has been connected with a variety of beneficial health effects. This includes management of pain and relief, aides Inflammations and swelling, reduced withdrawals on drugs, ease on epileptic seizures, cancer support, anti-anxiety and protection against diabetes and slows down Alzheimer’s disease. CBD Oil in this case is the most used delivery medium to consume CBD that comes with a wide spectrum of potency levels. Other delivery mediums may include smoking High CBD Marijuana, Topicals for Skin Application, Sublingually and by Ingesting through CBD Edibles like Gummies.

Unlike its counterpart Cannabinoid found in Cannabis which is THC, CBD does not cause any psychoactive effects to its users which means you will not get you high which is a common initial misconception when medical marijuana is placed on the table as an option.

CBD works by directly binding and interacting with our body’s endocannabinoid system or ECS that is naturally occurring. Research reveals that ECS is responsible for regulating or overall health and some diseases. Essentially, CBD helps by boosting our immune system and creates an anti-inflammatory response from the binding of CBD with the cannabinoid receptors known as CB1 and CB2 receptors of our ECS.
To be more specific, When CBD is introduced to our body, this will interact directly with the ECS and its receptors bringing in a positive response on our central and peripheral nervous system like relief from pain. This benefit covers multiple pain types that include chronic pains and nerve pains or even pain caused by Cancer.

Symptoms of Neuropathy and How does it Affect a Person?

When a Neuropathy type that damages the motor nerves is experienced by patients they undergo painful cramps, muscle weakness and uncontrollable twitching which can drastically affect their quality.

Now, this neuropathy is a type due to the damage of the sensory nerves in our central nervous system which develops some life-changing symptoms and effects which includes;

  • Increased pain sensation and pain on parts of the body that normally do not cause it.
  • Reduced sense of touch which also affects our balance.
  • Difficulty in controlling pain which affects the pain management overall

Finally, if the neuropathy includes damages to the autonomic nerves, the symptom that may include are;

  • Issues with blood pressure
  • Gastrointestinal conditions and distress
  • Excessive sweating


In no way is CBD Oil recommended to be used alone as a direct treatment to address the underlying conditions that causes Neuropathy hence the pain but instead, this is considered as supplementary support to help the patient’s with these conditions to manage their pain experiences hence a promising start for one’s journey to have an alternative that can improve the quality of their life while being treated with the life-altering underlying conditions that cause Neuropathy. Take note that the effects may differ from person to person but the benefits of using CBD Oil on Neuropathy we have presented here are the most common and known as of today.