To even start knowing the benefits of CBD oil for Equine? We need to understand some things first. Generally, there is no need to get any specific CBD oil that is branded for horses specifically as all CBD that is known to work well with humans will surely work well with horses, Hence, there is no need to spend more money for it.

The main consideration to take is the size of the animal. Horses are large by nature and may need more amounts of CBD Oil to be considered as an ample dosage for its size. Due to this factor, it is highly recommended for horse owners to go for higher potency CBD oils and products when administering to horses.

The Benefits of CBD Oil for Equine

So, why do people use CBD Oil for horses and what are the benefits of CBD Oil for equine anyway? Well, CBD Oil is used on horses by their owners to improve their well being. CBD has an excellent anti-inflammatory feature with its anxiolytic effects assist in managing some symptoms and conditions.

Conditions CBD aides in Equine may include;

  • Inflammation
  • Chronic stress
  • Pain
  • Anxiety
  • Stiffness and soreness

Take note that none of these conditions are being directly cured by CBD Oil but instead allows the consumer to improve life quality and well-being. On top of the above, CBD also has some metabolic benefits and aids in a quicker natural recovery response of their bodies after a heavy run at the track.

Known benefits of CBD oil for Equine;

  • Improve Immune System
  • Metabolism and Appetite
  • Mood and Disposition
  • Bowel Health & Digestion
  • Physical Mobility
  • Skin irritation

Is CBD Oil Safe For Horses?

Like Humans, Horses have an ECS or an endocannabinoid system that is responsible for regulating the physical balance in many areas of our bodies. A few of the known functions of ECS are sleep, appetite, inflammation and mood regulation and the overall state of well being.

As of today, no specific studies on horses and CBD has been published but have been plenty on both humans and other animals and most results show that CBD is non-inhibiting, non-addictive and non-toxic to both.

Actually, when CBD was administered in high doses in both humans and animals, both tolerated it very well.

But, like any other forms of medication or drugs, CBD Oil for horses also comes with some very mild adverse effects when too much is taken that may include dryness of the mouth, drowsiness or even diarrhea

As a reminder, we do not recommend you to be giving your horses CBD Oil without any consultation with your Veterinarian but on the other hand, it is also already known that CBD Oil would not hurt your horse either These.benefits of CBD Oil for equine that we have provided are all based on observations and testimonies and none are from specific research or study.

Will my horse get high from CBD?

Cannabis has been around for hundreds of years and they are known for their 2 main compounds which are CBD and THC. On top of these 2 main compounds cannabis also has over 200 minor chemical components.

Out of the 2 main compounds THC is responsible for the euphoric or psychoactive effects or the “high” the consumer feels the reason why this is the one sought after for recreational use. However, CBD is now the most sought after chemical compound today because of the recent rise of Medical marijuana due to the wave of legalizations. CBD does not have profound euphoric or psychoactive effects and in small doses is super effective to relieve the nervous system without affecting the cognitive aspects of the brain.